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Walking In Stilettos 101

Walking in StilettosThe most common type of shoe you’re going to find at any of the clubs listed on our site would have to be high heel stilettos. Because of this, we thought we’d put together a quick primer on how to walk in stilettos for a beginner. Even though these shoe clubs are starting to carry a wider variety of flats, stilettos and sky high heels are definitely where it’s at! So for those who are new to this style of shoe, here’s a quick primer on walking in stilettos for beginners.

Let’s face it, the stiletto heel is not your everyday shoe. But if you can rock it, it’s got to be the go-to shoe for elegant parties and other formal events.  Walking in stilettos can be a challenging experience for heel amateurs. But fear not O dear amateurs. All you need is a little how to!

The following steps may come in handy:

  1. Select a decent pair of stiletto heels to purchase. Avoid buying cheap stilettos because they tend to break very easily plus they don’t look nice. Moreover cheap stilettos can be incredibly uncomfortable which is the last thing you want if you’re going to walk all day long. You should be safe with most of the stilettos you are purchasing from shoe clubs. While they may be cheap in price, the quality of most pairs we’ve tried from these shoe clubs is on par with $80+ shoes we’d buy in brick and mortar stores.
  2. Do exercises to strengthen your calves and ankles. For instance, hold on to a stair railing and balance on the edge of a stair. Rise up on your toes, and then back down. The stronger your legs and ankles are, the easier it is to walk and balance in stilettos.
  3. Begin by standing in stilettos. Let yourself get used to have the stilettos in the feet. Since the feeling is likely to be new and a bit strange, only stand for a few minutes at the start gradually increasing the time you stand in them up to an hour.
  4. Proceed with caution as you begin practicing your walk. The higher the heel, the less stable you’ll feel and greater would be the chance to fall. When learning to walk in stilettos, take it slowly to begin with and practice in short bursts allowing yourself rest between tries.
  5. Most of us don’t really examine the way we walk. In flats, this is generally fine, but in heels, the higher you go the more exact you must be. Start standing in your wannabe favourite pair of heels, and just feel where you naturally want to put the weight in the shoe. Once you know where you naturally want to go, it’s much easier to re-adjust.
  6. Start practicing to walk in the heels. Initially stay in the same area where you have been practicing standing. Walk to and from the mirror to see what you look like. Adjust accordingly.
  7. Change surfaces – once you’re comfortable walking from where you started off, try walking on a variety of floors to see how it feels and to learn how to cope with changing surfaces underfoot.
  8. Take a walk outdoors – Get adjusted to the feel of concrete, gravel and other outdoor surfaces. You’ll find that you sink into some surfaces such as grass so either avoid them or learn to glide over them quickly using the ball of your feet.
  9. Attend the party in your stilettos and enjoy yourself. Your hard work to get to this point has paid off and so enjoy because it’s time to party.

Just remember that some days are harder than others, and if you do trip and fall, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and carry on smiling.

Don’t forget:

  1. Lean back slightly.
  2. Relax.
  3. Hips slightly forward.
  4. Smooth even stride.
  5. Gently swing the arms.
  6. Heel down first.
  7. Sole follows quickly and smoothly.
  8. Don’t put extra weight on the heel at first contact.
  9. Toes straight ahead or slight splay out.
  10. Legs to be straight close, parallel.

There you have it… Now get out and rock those high heel stilettos with confidence! If you’re still needing a little bit of schooling, check out this video from Dr. Emily Splichal on Oprah for a more visual demonstration.

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