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Our Review of Sole Society

Sole Society Review

A look at the SoleSociety.com homepage

Sole Society (located at SoleSociety.com) was launched in March 2011 as part of the fashion flash sales site HauteLook but after a few months it was eventually announced that Sole Society had moved on from HauteLook and became a completely separate company. When we first reported this news we thought this would mean there would be big changes along the way, and boy were we right!

When we put out our very first Sole Society review, they operated the same way as the rest of the shoe clubs on our site and offered a personalized approach to shopping. You would sign up, take a quiz asking you questions about your fashion preferences and then you would receive handpicked selections each month from experts based on what they felt you’d like to see.

For an unknown reason, Sole Society has moved away from this model and has gotten rid of their style quiz and expert selections altogether, which we think is a huge bummer! One of the main draws and the big reason we love these type of clubs is the fun of having a stylist choose items for you each month. We are majorly disappointed by this decision to say the least!

Now, instead of personalized selections, Sole Society instead releases one new style each and every day. Their “My Closet” area which used to be where you’d find your handpicked styles is now used as an area where you can bookmark styles you like or view styles that their team of Fashion Bloggers like the most. Unlike it’s competitors, Sole Society does not have any major celebrity backing but they do have a handful of well known fashion bloggers on their payroll who will pick out some of their favorite styles and offer some good fashion advice from time to time.

Another big change they made (for the worse!) is that not all of their shoes are $49.95 anymore. They start at this price and go as high as $69.95.

We’ll still give you our full Sole Society review and take closer look at how everything works, what the shoes are actually like and what we think of the company in general. If you’d like to read a concise summary of our thoughts, feel free to skip to the conclusion at the end.

How Sole Society Works

As we mentioned in our introduction, Sole Society has done away with personalized selections and their monthly membership requirements. They now operate more like a traditional eCommerce site with a couple of unique features. They claim to release a new style every day, however it isn’t clearly indicated anywhere on the site or in the members area what shoe was released that day. We’d really like to see some kind of section on the site where you can view that particular day’s new release.

Now that the personalized selections are gone, there is no need to take a quiz when registering. You simply become a member and can view their entire inventory of shoes right away, much like any other online shoe store. If you see something you like you can click the heart icon and it will be saved to your closet. The only other feature that makes Sole Society a little bit different from any other shopping site is their Fashion Insiders. They allow you to follow any of their 30+ fashion experts and you’ll see some of their favorite shoes appear in your closet.

Sole Society Insiders

A look at the Sole Society insiders page where you choose what fashion experts to follow.

Having advice and tips from a huge number of fashion experts is a fun idea, but we’re still very sad and disappointed that we no longer get personalized selections.

SoleSociety.com Website & Shopping

When browsing the shoes on Sole Society, they provide you with detailed photos for each item along with a good description and even some tips on what kind of clothing to wear with that particular pair of shoes. Unfortunately they got rid of their member rating system for some unknown reason, so you no longer can see any feedback from members who might have already purchased an item you’re interested in.

Sole Society Shoes

A detailed look at an item available for purchase on Sole Society.

The photo above is what you’ll see for each pair of shoes in your closet. It includes:

  • High quality (and zoomable) photos of all color variations of each shoe from different angles
  • A description of the shoe along with details on the heel height and whether or not the shoe runs true to size
  • A note from the Sole Society fashion insiders about how to wear that particular shoe

Everything is laid out nicely and we really love how they give you some ideas on how and where to wear each item. However, they are definitely missing out on some useful features that other sites like JustFab and ShoeDazzle have. To start, there is no sizing quiz allowing members who have purchased an item to indicate whether or not they felt that shoe runs a bit small or big. This feature is especially useful because most shoes don’t run true to size and it can be very helpful to know if you’ll need to order a size up or down in either direction. There are also missing any type of rating or review system where members can leave their comments or review on an item. Adding a quick video of how a shoe looks in motion would also be a nice bonus.

Shipping & Returns

All orders shipped within the contiguous United States are shipped free of charge both ways. If you need to return an item for a different size or wish to exchange it for a totally different item you can do so free of charge. Shipping outside the contiguous US to either Alaska and Hawaii will incur a $9.00 charge. To return an item all you have to do is send it back to Sole Society within 30 days of your ship date using the return shipping label on the back of your invoice and they will issue you a credit towards another item. If you wish to receive a refund for an item you will be charged a $7.95 restocking fee.

We’ve found that shipping from Sole Society was a bit slower than anywhere else. On average, shoes arrived to us in 7 business days after our order was placed.

Sole Society does not offer shipping outside of the United States, so if you are in the UK or Canada you’re out of luck!

Sole Society Shoes!

Let’s talk about what you all came here to read… How do Sole Society shoes stack up against the competition? Starting at $49.95 and going all the way up to $69.95, they are a little more expensive than JustFab and ShoeDazzle, so most people want to know if they are really worth the extra cash. Sole Society claims that most of their shoes are real leather, however we’ve only seen a handful of shoes pop up in our closet that were actually real leather. Most are either faux leather, microsuede or fabric. Having said that, of all the shoes we’ve ordered to date, initially we’ve been very pleased with the overall quality and they look to be quite well made. We have yet to see any glue issues, loose stitches or any other initial signs that the shoes are cheaply made.

Below you can see some photos of shoes currently available on Sole Society. We wish we could include some user reviews in this section, but unfortunately their website does not have this functionality. So instead we’ve included the style notes for each pair:

Sole Society Shoes - Moya


Timeless and casual, this coveted ballet flat features a metallic cap toe and is fully padded for comfort. It will become your go to shoe for summer and beyond.

Insider Notes:
“I am a ballet flat addict! If I am not wearing them I have a pair stashed at the bottom of my bag for when heels get to be too much. The metallic toe makes these more fun than a regular ballet flat. These would transform jeans and a simple white tee into a great look.” – Minnie Mortimer

Sole Society Shoes - Katherine


Genuine suede mid wedge pump with a stacked heel. A sophisticated and comfortable shoe for all occasions in soft genuine suede.

Insider Notes:
“Sole Society has something for everyone, including desk-to-dinner heels and clean-lined sandals, all spot-on trendy. It’s genius!” – Marlien Rentmeester

Sole Society Shoes - Talitha


Lace up heel with tassle trim and a hidden platform. The perfect choice for transitioning into fall.

Insider Notes:
“I love how subtle the Kilty detail is on these shoes. They are trendy but not so much that you cannot wear them again and again for years to come.” – Melissa Magsaysay

They do have a good variety of shoes overall and we’ve been happy with most of our purchases. The styles are all on point and trendy. While the quality is good, the price is still a bit high. And we’ll say it again and again… BOO to Sole Society for doing away with personalized selections!

Customer Service

There’s not a whole lot to complain about when it comes to customer service. They offer customer service via telephone (toll free), live chat or email. Our hold times when calling their toll free number were under 30 seconds and the customer service representatives that we dealt with were quite friendly and knowledgeable.

Their telephone customer service is open Monday to Friday from 6am to 6pm (PST).

The Extras

Aside from the actual shoes themselves, we think the next important part of an online shoe club are the extras. Sure, the shoes are great but what else are you going to offer us? Unfortunately, Sole Society is lacking in the extras department and does not offer any additional items for sale aside from shoes. If you’re looking for more than just shoes, JustFab or ShoeDazzle might be the better option.

They do at least have an area where you can invite friends to receive a free pair of shoes. For every three friends you invite who end up making a purchase on Sole Society you will earn a pair of free shoes.

Sole Society also has a fairly active Facebook Fan Page where you can find additional photos and comments about certain shoe styles. They also run contests from time to time on Facebook and Twitter so keep your eyes peeled for those for a chance to win a free pair of shoes every now and then.


The website and shopping experience leaves a bit to be desired in terms of user interaction. Doing away with personalized selections is a huge minus. This was the whole reason we included Sole Society on our site to begin with we’re so disappointed they decided to go this route. While their shoes do still seem to be of good quality, we’d really like to see a little more variety available and the prices to be lowered.

Here’s what we like most about Sole Society:

  • Good quality shoes in both the materials and craftsmanship
  • Excellent customer service

Here’s what we feel they must improve upon:

  • Better variety of shoe styles (They could use some more flashy/crazy styles!)
  • Bring back personalized picks!
  • More user interaction on their website such as adding sizing information and user reviews
  • More perks and extras for members

Sole Society has gotten out of the personalized shopping space and moved on to a different type of model. They still make nice shoes that are of good quality, but just aren’t as fun of a place to shop anymore.


  1. I found a pair of shoes I liked and went for it. Sole Society shipping was fast and I had them in no time at all. I can’t say I was completely disappointed, but I wouldn’t recommend Sole Society to anyone.
    The shoes I received were poorly made. I am a person who lets tings slide. I try and consider all the factors in the process of creating anything and I know things can go wrong and accidents can happen.
    I didn’t return my purchase but if I add up all the flaws I think maybe I should have.
    I did call customer support and while waiting quite a long time, I weighed my options. I could either wait longer and fight through all the trouble of getting my money back or I could keep my blood pressure down and forget about it, mark it up as a lesson learned.
    Posting her helped too.

  2. Number One Problem: Customer Support

  3. I find nothing special about this shoe store. They do nothing well. It must not cost a lot to keep the website running so they just throw stuff up on it and see if people are dumb enough to pay more for the same merchandise you can buy for half the price at other places.

    I don’t get it.

    I guess if it pays to keep the lights on and make some money and you don’t give a crap about your reputation then its a good idea.
    People are just plain stupid I guess.

  4. take it from a pro shopper, sole society is crap!!! they dont do anything better than most places i shop. the prices arent the best. they have no rewards and the styles are nothing special.

  5. My first online shoe buy!
    I got my shoes today!
    Love them!
    Might try Just Fab next. I didn’t find this site until after my Sole Society buy. If Just Fab is better then Sole Society, I’m all for it ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. I have mixed feelings when thinking about my Sole Society purchase. The shoes I bought are quite nice and feel comfortable. They are a trendy and stylish pair of shoes, and they equal the shoes I’ve purchased, in the past, from Shoe Dazzle.
    My only problem is they are slightly higher than Shoe Dazzle. In such a competitive market, how can Sole Society justify their prices? I will probably purchase from Sole Society again, but only when I have found an amazing looking pair of shoes from them that their competitors don’t have.

  7. I dont have time to play around looking for shoes in stores wasting my gas money. So i like to order on the internet its fast and easy. So I tryed solesociety and justfab and shoedazzle. shoemint was to expansive so i didnt try them. Justfab is real good and so is shedazzle but solesociety isnt good at all. I got better shoes from walmart! Only thing good about solesociety was it didnt take gas money to get them.

  8. I am astounded that this place is still in business. There are some decent shoe clubs, but most are mediocre. Sole Society takes the number one spot for bad. It’s like they don’t even try to sell a good product. Just Fab and Shoe Dazzle have each other to compete against for the 40 dollar shoe shopper, and Shoe Mint is going for selling higher priced ( but supposedly better ) shoes. I have no idea what Sole Society is trying to do.

    Sole Society is all over the map with price too. Do they want to compete with Just Fab and Shoe Dazzle? Maybe, but their shoe quality isn’t up to snuff and their prices are higher. They are lower than Shoe Mint but no where near the right quality.

    I don’t get it. My money won’t be heading to their bank accounts anytime soon.

  9. I think you need to reevaluate your score of Sole Society’s customer support. I think they may have moved their customer support to another (probably cheaper) company.

    I had issues with two of three pairs of shoes I purchased from Sole Society, and when I contacted them I sure didn’t receive service good enough to give them 4 out of 5 stars.

    I was put on hold three times for no good reason. The support representative didn’t say “May I please put you on hold to check with my supervisor about your issue?” nor did she say “I am sorry for the inconvenience but I need to put you on hold to look into your problem.” She did say “Just a minute.” and she was gone. It felt to me like she was doing something personal and not that important.

    Being put on hold wasn’t even the worst of it. I was made to feel like somehow the poorly made shoes with obvious flaws quality control should have seen was my fault and I was wanting free shoes.

    I explained how I felt about our conversation and the rep put me on hold to wait for a manager.

    The manager told me to return the shoes and she gave me credit but she didn’t apologize for the bad service. She blew me off as much as the other rep had.

    I ordered two shoes using my credits, but I will never buy from Sole Society again.

  10. I took a shot with Sole Society and I think if they adjusted slightly they would be a competitor for Just Fab and Shoe Dazzle.
    I have purchased two pairs of shoes and find they are pretty close to the other shoe clubs.
    They have a wide selection and styles.
    They have pretty much the same type of website and return / exchange rules.
    The only down side to buying from Sole Society is price. They are higher. So either they have to lower prices or offer something different to justify the extra cost.
    They fix that and I would be a continuing customer.

  11. I like seeing in depth reviews explaining every aspect of the shoe buying experience. I hope other readers find my review of Sole Society’s Brandi, a knee high, high heel, boot, worth reading.

    First of all my take on the Sole Society website:

    The site’s layout is nice and easy to navigate. The descriptions are clear and enticing with nice high resolution photos of the merchandise. There are social icons to share your choices with friends and maybe get input on what looks best. The is also a rating system, the same 5 star type like most sites use. Purchasing via the website interface is very easy and user friendly.

    I have purchased many shoes online (hundreds of them) over several years and rating Sole Society’s shipping time from “time of purchase” to “sitting at my door” is just about in the middle. I find JustFab and ShoeDazzle are the fastest to arrive and ShoeMint is slow. There is a club called Shoe Privee (don’t even bother) if found to be the lamest in shipping times and pretty much everything else.

    Packaging is on par with Payless. Don’t expect a carefully packaged box. My box my boots came in had crushed corners and it looked like one side had a run in with something abrasive. I will say that the boots were not harmed from the box’s rough life. But don’t expect to showcase the box. I may be a shoe fanatic, but I enjoy showing off my closet and have my shoes on display with their boxes.

    Now the most important part of any shoe buying adventure, the actual shoe, or in this case boot:

    The burgundy color was quite nice, deep and rich. As I pulled them out of their, slightly tight for their size, box I was happy. There was a chemical odor present as I opened them up, but I have found this to be the case with many shoes. the odor dissipates quite quickly once out in the open air. All thing were going well until I noticed a big problem. The heel of the right boot was slightly off center by a noticeable distance, making them impossible to walk in comfortably and safely.

    Thus begins my phone journey to return my selection to Sole Society:

    The first customer service representative was cordial and inviting. She apologized for the inconvenience and assure me she would make things right. Sole Society was racking up points with me, making me feel important and catering to my needs until I was abruptly cut off to a dial tone. I cannot blame them because the disconnect may have been something on my end of the connection; I am not positive. But Sole Society is responsible for the people running their customer support and where my first conversation was going so well, my second was the polar opposite. Talking to the next rep was hell.

    I was told, very rudely, that I could get a replacement or a credit. I opted for replacement, because I liked the look of the boot and a properly attached heel would satisfy me completely. I was told “Okay we’ll ship you a new pair, but you got to return the defective pair. Bye.” and the rep hung up on me.

    I had to call again to be told the actual procedure to return the previous pair. I was given the information and subsequently hung up on again, no “Thank you for picking Sole Society for your shoe needs.” or anything.

    I returned the boots and waited. And waited. And waited. One and a half moths later, I called to see what the hold up was. The rep had no record of my return or their replacement being shipped. I was furious and demanded my money back. The rep said she could only offer me a credit or a replacement.
    That is currently where I stand with Sole Society. I am disputing their charge on my credit card.

    So to wrap things up:

    In my humble opinion, just because a site is designed well and looks like a classy business, it can have potentially good merchandise, but customer service and destroy it in the end.

  12. Sole Society is hit and miss. My first purchase was so great I told many of my friends about it. One of those friends tried them out and had the complete opposite experience. My second transaction was more like what my friend described, slow shipping, poor quality and uncaring customer support.
    I’m done with Sole Society!

  13. I usually buy from JF and SD, but SS had a pair of wedges that I had to have. I paid 60+ dollars for them, but I know what I like and that is that.

    SS is a good store and if I ever find another pair of their shoes that speak to me, I am sure I would buy them. It wouldn’t be an every month thing though. I usually buy from JF every month and SD almost every month, SS I visit every month but usually I just browse.
    SM is out of the question. Too pricey for my taste.

  14. These are the exact same shoes you can get at payless. I don’t see any difference in them. The quality is the same and the styles too.
    I bet they are made in the same Chinese factory on the same assembly line.

    Do yourself a favor and just buy the cheaper payless shoes, at least you can try them on.

    Two stars for Sole Society. Payless would get three stars because I can wear them the same day.

  15. DOn’t even bother with this club. They sure don’t bother with their customers. To me, they are: “Lets throw up a website and sell whatever shoes ship out of china and are cheap.” For them it’s all win. A website is cheap to keep running and if they get a customer to buy once that’s great for them.
    I know I will never buy from them again. IMHO their shoes suck.

  16. Horrendous quality-shoes literally fell apart at the seams after two wears. No refunds, only credit to buy more crappy shoes. Money down the toilet :(

  17. I am a freshman in college and I want to be a fashion designer when I finish school. All my friends expect me to look the part, so I have to have a lot of fashion forward pieces to show off.
    If I went with the big names and bought only them, I would be bankrupt. All four shoe clubs you have reviewed, I have purchased from. I really can’t say I have a favorite and I can’t say any of them are horrible either.
    BUT, if I had to pick a loser in this race it would be Sole Society, just behind ShoeDazzle (once my favorite online shoe store).
    I get the impression that Nordstroms needed to have their own hip looking online store front to sell shoes from because everyone else did, but they didn’t really care much about styles, quality or customer survice.
    Instead of taking some time and getting creative, they pretty much made near exact copies of what the other shoe clubs offer and tried to boost the price ten bucks. Shoe Mint is more than any of the other clubs, but at least they are trying to make new designs and not be copy cats.

    I’d say the quality is hit and miss, although lately it’s been mostly miss. I have come to expect getting returned merchandise as new, and shoddy stitching, not to mention, size fluctuations all over the place. I am a size 7, and have yet to figure out what Sole Society thinks 7 means. I have had 6.5′s that are loose and 7.5′s that I need to squeeze into.

    These problems have led me to customer support several times.
    and let me just say: “Sole Society is a treat!” (major sarcasm here). I know I said none of the clubs are horrible but Sole Society has big customer support issues. When I managed to talk to someone in customer support with an education level above third grade, I found they didn’t really like their job all that much.
    If you don’t like dealing with people, don’t become a customer support rep!
    Returning shoes to SoleSociety is a nightmare.
    As far as shoe clubs go. Sole Society gets last place in my book.

  18. If I could give Sole Society zero stars, I would. I gave them two chances, and they failed both times. I never got the first two pairs of shoes I ordered (“warehouse mistake”). The second time I ordered, my shoes were grossly oversized and the silver embellishments that were glued on (instead of sewed on) were already falling off. Super cheaply made shoes. I went through the return process (they charged me a $7.75 “restocking fee” and only allowed me store credit (since I had used a $20 credit they gave me for their first mistake as partial payment). When I called, they said I had to return the shoes, then call them later to ask for my partial cash refund. DO NOT ORDER FROM SOLE SOCIETY!

  19. I ordered shoes during the 3rd week of February..still haven’t gotten them…

  20. I’m still waiting for my shoes. For about 2.5 weeks after my initial order I would check my order only to see “processing”. After seeing this I had several IM conversations with a customer rep via their live chat function, each rep would give me a different answer about when my order would be shipping. The last rep I talked to told me that my order was delayed because they were in the process of moving warehouses and my shoes were somewhere in that shuffle. I just checked today and my order says complete, my shoes are due to arrive end of day March 14th….a month after I ordered them. I really do hope they arrive by the 14th!! Horrible, I’m very unhappy about this.

  21. Horrible. Ordered 2 weeks ago. After a week I tried to get in contact with them. The chat didnt work, the phone would put me on hold then disconnect, no one answered emails. I tried facebook and was told they were moving their warehouse. Finally someone emailed me and said the shoes I ordered were not available YET they had my money. Then I inquired a few days later about them and was told I would have them by March 8th. Then I asked if they shipped and was again told they were not available and would not be back in. So I assume the March 8th was a blatant lie. Check their FB page, its filled with reports of shipping taking weeks.

  22. SOLE SOCIETY SUCKS. I ordered two pairs of boots more than 2 weeks ago with a 33 percent off sale. They still haven’t shipped, and many people are reporting similar issues. My order continues to say “processing.” I went to the Facebook page where I saw many similar complaints. A woman on the phone told me I’d be getting my order by March 4th. Now the boots are marked 50 percent off. Will I get the additional discount… will I even get the boots at all???? They say.. the warehouse is in “transition.” Yet they’re having this sale and leaving customers high and dry. I’m reporting them to the BBB and advise everyone DO NOT ORDER FROM SOLE SOCIETY.

  23. If I could give them no rating I would! Do not purchase from them! Their customer service is horrible. They do not care about their customers at all and are very very rude! They would not give me corportates phone number when I wanted to talk to someone higher up. The supervisor was no better than the customer service rep. I looked up their corporate number myself and the receptionist from corporate told me when I said,”The customer service for sole society could care less.” she said,”I don’t believe that and they are very busy right now because of the sale and maybe on edge.” WTF?! That gives NO ONE a right to treat a customer any different. The representative told me the problem I was having was a problem others customers have complained about but there is nothing they can do.

    What happened… I purchased a beauty box that gave me samples of beauty products and a $20 off at sole society. They probably should have noted it is only for NEW customers. Luckily I am a new customer so I wasn’t upset about that. The only reason I purchased the beauty box was for the $20 off. I have been looking for shoes since I got the card (about 3 weeks now) and they are always out of size 5 in all the shoes I want! After almost a month of watching I find a couple pairs! I was so excited and placed my order but you can’t use the coupon on sale items! UGH! Ok fine. I wanted to order the clearance shoes anyway and then use the $20 on a regular priced shoes but not one pair of shoes that I wanted did they have in a size 5. I called in to ask if I could please order these 2 clearance shoes and if I can find a pair before the expiration date on the card can I still get my free $20 on a non sale priced shoe. They said no since I won’t be a new customer anymore. I asked if they could make an exception since all the shoes I want are out of size 5 and they didn’t care. She told me to order a larger size then hold onto it until the size 5′s come in again. I said, “Ok will they come in though for sure?” She said, “Probably not when they sell out they sell out.” WTF? Why did you tell me to buy a larger size then? Then she telle me, “Listen I am not the one trying to take advantage of $20 on an already clearanced price shoe. You should be happy you’re saving money already on the clearance price. We don’t allow you to use this coupon on clearance items.” I NEVER said I wanted to use this on a clearance item! OMG! Then she tells me just to order the next size up since the sizes never fit right anyway and they get a lot of customers complaining that they either run too small or too big. So I said, “You can’t go off what the site says then? If it says it runs true to size it’s normally wrong?” She said, “Yes so there’s a good chance if you order up that size will fit you.” Well size 5 and 5.5 are normally sold out so that doesn’t help either. That also made me not want to purchase my clearance shoes since if they are not explained properly in size as she said they are not on the site there are no refunds on clearance and I don’t want to take that chance. She just didn’t care. I didn’t see why it would be a big deal to let me use the $20 later esp. if you have a customer trying to purchase many shoes from you and wanted to purchase a regular price shoe but the size was gone. Esp. when that customer purchased this card I should be able to use the card I purchased. She wouldn’t give me anyone else to talk to so I called corporate and now I am supposed to get a call back in 24 hours. We will see. Now after reading what everyone else wrote I don’t think I will be purchasing anything at all! It is true you don’t know what sort of quality the shoes are and I have been to stores that sell cheap shoes and they look and feel cheap. I don’t want to take that chance with them esp. with all the problems I have had so far and I have not even purchased a shoe! Esp. after reading problems others have had after purchasing shoes. No thank you! I will be calling the beauty box company and requesting a refund for this card. Sole society lost a sale of 3 shoes for my first order and many many more in the future.

  24. I was skeptical to try sole society, in fact the only reason I originally did was because I received a coupon for them. I couldn’t be more happy with the shoes I received. I am picky when if comes to shoes since I am 6 feet tall and wear a size 11. They had a nice variety of shoes in varying heel sizes and there was a good selection of shoes in my size. Best part is they are comfortable. Mine were brand new in package, no damage to them what so ever like I have seen some people say and they fit beautifully. I bought a pair of black wedges and wear them everywhere. I will definitely be shopping there again and am excited to see what spring line they come out with!

  25. I wish I could give sole society a rave review. I bought two shoes from them, one pair I really like. The other ran VERY VERY small. Its the same size as the first pair but does not fit well at all. Because it was the two for one deal I was treated like a nobody. I know the policy was no returns but i only wanted to exchange sizes since that was the shoe I was most excited for. Nope, nobody got back to me. Needless to say I removed myself from their mailing and when people tellme they like the one pair that does fit me I tell them that I DO NOT recommend Sole Society. They obviously do not know how to treat their customers. Even if the response was a no, it would have been nice to recieve a response. Poor Poor customer service.

  26. I noticed the authors gave Sole society a slightly higher rating than the users and Customer Service was rated pretty high.
    I think Sole society needs to be reevaluated.
    My first few purchases went off without a hitch. The shoes were adequate and although they felt cheap, they looked decent. It wasn’t until I got a pair that not only felt cheap but looked cheap (and didn’t fit) that I called customer service.
    They were friendly, at first, but when I tried to get actual money back, they got hot fast. I was offered a credit or replacement upon return of the shoes. I opted for the credit. I was told my account was credited and I hung up only to find no credit.
    When I called them back and explained my situation, I was put on hold for 20 minutes. Finally the customer service rep came back and was obviously tired with her job and didn’t care much for me. She said I now had a credit. I checked while I was still on the phone and there was a credit. So we ended the call. I returned the shoes.
    I used my credit on a different pair of shoes and waited, and waited, and waited. Finally they arrived. The box was a mess and the shoes looked like they had been used (scuffs and scratched and the soles were worn.
    I was irate. I called them and was told the same thing about credit or replacement. I got a credit and returned the shoes.
    Then I got my credit card statement.
    I was charged 4 times for shoes I didn’t recieve or had returned.
    Three more calls to customer service has not resolved my issues with sole society. I hope you take my story into consideration and, at minimum, adjust your customer service rank for sole society.

  27. Ordered and received my first ‘new’ pair of Sole Society shoes. They were anything but new. The bottoms were disgusting and gross – worn beyond belief and the wedge heels were scuffed as from use. I emailed the company requesting a full refund to my form of payment – I would have called I was so frustrated and upset, but of course their customer service line was not open. I’m waiting to see what their response is in regards to this issue and will post back with my results. I will not be reordering from them. Truly disappointed.

  28. I don’t know why, after the first purchase, anyone would buy from these people.
    My first pair was crap!
    Just Fab and shoe dazzle has better pricing. I don’t know about shoemint. They are very far out of my price range.
    I know for a fact Just Fab has better shoes by a longshot.
    It’s funny to think these people can sell inferior shoes for more than their competitors.
    Good luck with that!

    • Guess what! I ordered two pairs of shoes. I think that Sole Society ( Nordstrom )takes unsold shoes, removes the liner and inserts a sole society liner.

      I bought a pair of shoes from Soul Society at $59.95 and found the exact same shoe down to the color selection at TJMaxx for $20.

      The TJ Maxx pair was a Jessica Simpson shoe.

      I felt a little ripped off.

    • This company is a joke. I bought a pair of shoes last week that were on sale and the only information I had to go by on size was THEIR website. Of course they arrived too small and when I tried to exchange them for the SAME SHOE AND COLOR, just a size up, they refused saying no refunds or exchanges! I am furious and am going to tell everyone I know.

  29. I ordered a pair of shoes with a $20 off coupon, making the shoes $29.95. Unfortunately they were a little small so I needed to exchange them for a larger size. When I emailed the company to see how that would work given that I used a coupon, I was told that coupons are one time use and are not honored for cancelled or returned purchases (neither of which I was doing) but that they would, this ONE time, make an exception. I buy shoes online frequently and can not imagine why a company would not let you exchange something for the same price you originally paid. Shoes are nearly impossible to get in the right size on the first try and must be tried on. I was going to just return the shoes and be done with Sole Society but then realized there was a restocking fee for each pair you return. Again…seriously!?!?! shoes MUST be tried on and exchange. I have never heard of such policies. By the time I paid the restocking fee and shipping it was cheaper to just keep the shoes and hope they stretch. I will NOT be shopping at Sole Society ever again. Not when there are great sites like Zappos!

  30. Okay, so I love buying shoes! I don’t have a particular favorite place to buy them though. If I see something I like, I buy. If they are at payless and I like them great!
    I bought a pair of mauve lace up style shoes (Harper) from Solesociety. They are nice enough, comfy, no complaints. They are about the same quality as Shoedazzle’s shoes, but not as good as JustFab’s or ShoeMint’s.
    I would buy them again.
    They get a solid 3

  31. I feel like i need to be team sole society here i have made 6 purchases in the last two months
    From them..the only issue i can force myself to come up with is i ordered a pair of boots same
    Kind two different colors one brown one black and the brown pair on the right foot felt tighter
    Than the black pair..I’ve received my shoes literally the same exact week of preferring i even said to myself dang that was quick i think i got the shoes before i got notice they were shipped..lol i love the quality of their shoes I’ve also made two purchases from just fab and two purchases from shoe dazzle in the last three months aswell..their show qualities suck but they are way more trendier therefore cheaper..I’ve sent back a pair of just fab shoes and would have sent both My shoe dazzle boots back because their calf circumference was bit accurate but i just
    Kept them and made them work barely..one thing they should offer are perks and sales to frequent buyers a reward Perk or discount code sent with your purchase…i will slow down on my purchases with them but only because of this reason…i want my business appreciated at $120 per transaction i deserve it

  32. Interesting review! Glad I found your site. I personally LOVE Sole Society and have had mostly great experiences with their shoes and their customer service. I agree that I don’t love their new model and the email every day is a bit much.. but I like that all the shoes are now visible where as before they weren’t. THanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours!
    Nikki at http://www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

  33. I’m really considering purchasing shoes from Sole Society. I’m disappointed to hear about the customer service aspect. Usually if it’s bad customer service, I stop buying from them. But the shoes shown on their site look elegant and comparable to shoemint. I’m a member of shoe mint, shoedazzle, sole society and justfab. I’m not happy with the quality of shoedazzle or justfab. They’re only good for looks. Shoemint looks promising but they’re too price, yet why I haven’t bought anything from them. Sole society is the next best thing to me. I’ll definitely take your review into consideration.

  34. Their shipping is ridiculously slow. I have 2 pairs of pumps/wedges and 1 pair of boots. The boots (reese) are defective – staples popping through the sole (can’t return). Since I didn’t push it – just notified them after 1 wear – I decided to complain about my pumps. I have pumps and after about 4 wears, the seams are unsewing on the outside. No compensation given. In fact, they reminded me that I was 2 days outside of the return policy window and basically too bad, so sad. If they change their mind and refund the money, I’ll be very happy and remain a customer after I spend my credits there.

    The wedges are perfect.

  35. I ordered Belinda in teal. THe shoes arrived on time but they were damaged…a huge black stair on them. I wonder how they got out of the warehouse without noticing that. I sent them back three weeks ago and had to call yesterday to check on the status of my refund because no one let me know that they were recieved. Ill stick with my girl Kimora

  36. I like Solesociety’s shoes. They have an elegant selection and I have no complaints about the fit or quality of my buys. I never thought much about what kind of “extras” they offered until I visited your site. It’s got me wondering if I should try one of the other clubs that have higher ratings and extras to boot.

  37. I might have gotten a customer service rep who was having a bad day, but it doesn’t change that I am a customer who needs a problem fixed. When I tried to return a pair of shoes that did not fit, I got the run around. The girl left me on hold a total of three times and I got the feeling she did it just because she could.

    • Either we got the same customer service rep or there’s more than one “I hate my job” people working the phones for Sole Society. I know it’s not a glamorous job but have some pride in yourself. No matter what you do for a living, do it the best you can.

      The big question is: Does Sole Society give a crap about how their reps are treating customers.

  38. “IF” I see a shoe I like I might consider buying from them again. They have a 50/50 shot with me. I can’t complain about Solesociety but I sure have nothing to rave about either. I am just kind of “Meh” with this club. They really don’t do anything exciting or imaginative to keep me as a customer. Getting a pair of shoes isn’t hard these days. You better wow me to keep me.

  39. No rating, as I haven’t ordered shoes from them yet. I was curious as to whether there would be an update to your review, as it seems they’ve currently gone under a makeover, and are offering new shoes everyday, instead of a new closet per month. I’ve been rather impressed with some of their recent offerings!

    • Patricia -

      Yes, they do seem to be making a lot of changes as of late. We’ll be re-evaluating all of the clubs on this site in the coming weeks so stay tuned for an updated review!

  40. I like the solesociety shoes I bought. There’s nothing wrong with them. I am a teacher and I find their shoes appropriate for school functions. I haven’t seen much for “a night out on the town” events, but I guess you have JustFab and ShoeDazzle for that.
    I was satisfied with the two pairs of shoes I bought from Solesociety. I haven’t purchased anything else because I can get the same style shoes from my local Kohls.

  41. A friend told me about Sole Society and I signed up. The shoes I ordered were too small and I had to call customer support. They sent me the same shoes one size up. They fit well enough but it did take an extremely long time for the replacements to show up.
    I am satisfied with the shoes but the shipping times are unimpressive.

  42. I couldn’t choose a rating because I have never heard of SoleSociety. I knew of all the other clubs and I consider myself an up to date fashionista. How do they advertise? I’ve seen ShoeDazzle and JustFab on television and ShoeMint comes up in google ads, but SoleSociety… nothing.

    • They advertise via Facebook, that’s where I first saw an ad for Sole-Society. I guess because I have liked both Shoedazzle and JustFab, that their ad was targeted to me because of that. I just signed up for Sole-Society so I can’t speak about their product yet. So far I like ShoeDazzle and JustFab better, because they allow you to look at other products not in my showroom. Maybe I’m missing something on the Sole-Society website, but it seems easier to do on the other sites.

  43. Not impressed.
    I have tried ALL the shoe clubs.
    ShoeDazzle : 1 year member (3 purchases)
    JustFab : 8 month member (6 purchases)
    ShoeMint : 2 month Member (1 purchase)
    ShoePrivee : 3 month Member (0 purchases)
    SoleSociety : 5 month Member (2 purchases) & cancelled my membership.
    Both pairs of shoes had issues (size, fit), and customer service left a bad taste in my mouth.

  44. I bought shoes from Solesociety. Nothing wrong with them. They are the same quality as the shoes I’ve gotten from the other clubs, which I find good. But I don’t see anything better in the shoes. If I’m going to buy more expensive shoes, there better be a noticeable difference somewhere.

  45. I bought Wanda in black. It had a defect (glue glob or some kind of resin leaking out) I called SoleSociety and talked with a customer service rep. She asked me some questions about the shoes and apologized for the problem.
    I understand things like this will happen and after talking with her, I decided to exchange them.
    I will let you know, when I get the new pair, if I am satisfied.

    • They sent me a fresh pair without the glob of gunk on them, but it took quite a while before they arrived. I am now satisfied with the shoes but will not be buying anything again.

  46. I like Solesociety. They have very nice shoes and an elegant selection. I have a few shoes from them and have little to complain about, but I wonder how much longer they are going to cost 10 dollars more than their competitors.

    At least they aren’t Shoemint. I don’t think I would splurge 80 bucks for online shoes.

    • Maddie –

      Yeah, the extra $10 per pair is one thing that kind of makes SoleSociety a little less desirable than JustFab or ShoeDazzle. When you think about it, for every 4 shoes you buy from SoleSocity you could have bought 5 for the same price from JustFab or ShoeDazzle.

      We didn’t find their shoes or service in general to be any better either, so perhaps maybe they will decide to lower their prices before too long.

  47. Color me unimpressed.

    I recently signed up for Sole Society and have had four rounds of shoes appear in my closet. The original selections for the start of each month and then two new selections after I requested new ones. Didn’t like anything. Obviously I can’t speak for the quality of the shoes because I haven’t found anything that I liked to order! Might give them one last try next month to see what comes up.

    • TP -

      If you get a chance, check out their Facebook page. Members upload their closets from time to time so you might find something you like that way.

      • Thanks but that seems like too much work. The whole point to signing up was to get trendy shoes picked out for me by their “experts” but they haven’t shown me anything that I’ve even remotely liked.

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