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Our Review of ShoeMint

ShoeMint - Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson Creative Director and Co-Designer for Shoemint.com

ShoeMint (located at ShoeMint.com) is the new kid on the block, however they’ve been around since November of 2011 so they’ve had some time to make a name for themselves in the shoe club world. Their parent company BeachMint are no strangers to the personalized shopping experience either. BeachMint owns and operates the hugely successful JewelMint and is using ShoeMint to try and break into the fashion niche. Working with Steve Madden, Creative Director Rachel Bilson and Style Expert Nicole Chavez, ShoeMint promises to deliver shoes that rock, and and pledge to stand by their shoe quality and their customers. ShoeMint shoes are available for $79.98 with free shipping to the Contiguous United States. They offer shipping to Canada as well, however it is not free.

When ShoeMint first launched we realized they’d have some kinks to work out. However it’s now been several months since they’ve been around so we think they’ve had more than enough time to make themselves known and to step up to the competition so we might not be as easy on them as we were in our preliminary review. If you’re looking for a basic summary of our review, you may want to skip to the conclusion at the end.

How ShoeMint Works

Before signing up for ShoeMint you are required to take their style quiz which asks you several questions about certain shoe types, wardrobe ensembles or celebrity styles that you prefer. The quiz is very quick and is used by ShoeMint to guage what types of shoes you prefer. However, we STILL do not believe that ShoeMint actually uses information from your quiz answers to deliver you personalized picks at this time. During our initial review when the site first launched we noticed that as soon as you finish the quiz your picks were automatically ready for you and we found that each time we did the quiz the shoes that showed up were the same. We figured that because they were so new they did not have a huge variety of shoes available for their launch so they were simply offering the same shoes to everyone each month.

We’re had hoped that once they grew they’d have enough inventory to be able to actually offer customers handpicked styles each month but that does not seem to be the case. We’ve tested several accounts, all of which we’ve answered the questions very differently and each month all of our accounts have the same shoes in their showroom. Some colors might be slightly different, but the shoes are all the same and the colors seem to be picked at random. For this reason alone we have to deduct major points. You can’t call yourself a personalized shopping site without providing your customers personalized selections! Shame on you ShoeMint…


A look at the style quiz on ShoeMint.com

ShoeMint works under a membership system where after your first purchase you will be required to take some type of action by the 6th of each new month once your new shoe “selections” are ready. You have two options with ShoeMint:

  1. Purchase an item
  2. Notify them that you wish to skip this month

If you do neither of these, your credit card will be charged $79.98 and a store credit will be added to your account which can be used at a later date. Canceling your account can be done by calling their toll free number or by emailing them which is nice and easy.

ShoeMint.com Website & Shopping

The member’s area on ShoeMint.com is very clean and easy to use, however it’s still fairly bones and their customer feedback system is still lacking. When we initially reviewed ShoeMint they had literally no customer feedback system, but at least now they’ve added a Facebook comments area which is a start. However, even with the comments it would seem to us like ShoeMint is missing out on some very key and important features other shoe clubs have that would make the customer experience much better.

ShoeMint Showroom

ShoeMint's Showroom

As you can see from the screenshot above, here are the details available for each item in your showroom:

  • High quality and zoomable photos of the shoe from different angles
  • A video showing each shoe from different angles
  • General details and a note from one of ShoeMint’s stylists

You are able to get a good idea of what each item looks like before buying it, and with the comments area you can get a tiny bit of feedback from other customers on a shoe before you buy it. They are still missing some type of sizing quiz where customers can submit feedback on how they feel a certain shoe fits. This is vital when buying shoes online! Not all shoes are going to be true to size so this way you can see in advance if you should be ordering a size bigger or smaller than you normally would.

They still really need to beef up their showroom if they want to compete with the big shoe clubs out there. Get to work ShoeMint!

Shipping & Returns

Shipping and returns are free within the Contiguous United States with ShoeMint. Shipping to Canada is offered at $19.99 and shipping to Alaska/Hawaii is $7.50 per item. If you need to return or exchange an item all you have to do is call them to arrange for a shipping label to be sent to you via email. You must return an item within 30 days of the original ship date in order to be eligible for a return or exchange. While exchanges are free, if you are returning an item and want to get a cash refund they will apply a $9.95 restocking fee. All of our orders to date have been fairly speedy.

ShoeMint does not offer shipping outside of the United States and Canada at this time.

ShoeMint Shoes!

This is the reason you all are here… To read about the shoes! ShoeMint has decided to take a different approach with their shoes to try and stand out from the crowd. While JustFab and ShoeDazzle offer their shoes for $39.95, ShoeMint has decided to offer their shoes for a higher price of $79.98. They claim that the higher price tag is warranted by the higher quality of their shoes. Since there are limited user reviews on the ShoeMint website, we’ve decided to post photos of a few shoes currently available along with the style notes from their stylist for that pair.

ShoeMint Shoes - Janice


Style Notes
from Nicole Chavez

This boot is all about versatility. Wear it with tailored shorts, demin leggings and skirts of all lengths for an effortless look that works at the office, about town—and well into the night.

Available in black and taupe suede.

ShoeMint Shoes - Edith


Style Notes
from Nicole Chavez

For a delicate look, pair the black suede with long, flowing fabrics or match the blush suede with bold cuts and colors for more of a statement.

Available in blush and black kid suede

ShoeMint Shoes - Michelle


Style Notes
from Rachel Bilson

A great bootie is a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. Wear with tights and a short cut dress or skirt to elongate your legs. Or, for a more casual yet chic look, wear with skinny pants and your favorite tee.

Available in black and grey kid suede

So now the big question is, are ShoeMint shoes worth the extra cash?

We decided to order Edith for our very first test run. The shoes arrived and were packaged very nicely. The packaging was actually quite impressive and we were excited to get it opened up to see how the shoes themselves looked. At first glance, the shoes looked nice in person and they were made with real suede. However, for a pair of $80 shoes we were a little bit disappointed with the overall quality. The shoes seemed to be unusually stiff (even for new shoes) and it looks as though these shoes would take a very long time to break in to where they were even remotely comfortable. Another knock on these shoes has to be the soles… They look very cheaply made and there was a very apparent glue smell that was kind of off putting.

From what we’ve found over the last several months and from reading users comments on other blogs and forums online, these shoes do not warrant the $80 price tag. Yes, the fact that they use real suede and real leather for their shoes is nice, but in our opinion they are not worth it. You can get shoes that look and feel just as good for half the price from other clubs. Maybe they aren’t real leather, but if they look just as good and you don’t harm any animals while producing these shoes, and you save some money at the same time, that’s a win win win.

So as far as the quality goes, there is not a big difference between ShoeMint and other clubs. However, they do have some very nice looking and unique styles show up from time to time that you might not find elsewhere. So this alone could make it worthwhile to keep checking in on your Showroom from time to time to see if something you absolutely are in love with shows up.

Customer Service

ShoeMint offers a number of different ways to contact their customer service. You can use their live chat option, email or phone their toll free number. Their customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm PST.

To test out their customer service we decided to phone their toll free number in order to cancel our membership with them. During our initial test several months back we found out that if you don’t get through to a customer service representative right away, you are pretty much out of luck and have to keep calling back. You can leave a message with them, but our calls were never returned! After a number of attempts over the course of a couple of days we eventually got through, but it was very frustrating and a very poor way of handling customer service.

Thankfully, they’ve wisened up and their toll free number now has a queue/holding system if you don’t get through right away. Their hold times are fairly minimal unless you’re calling at the start of each month. During our latest test, the the customer service rep we spoke with was nice and she canceled our membership without any issues.

The Extras

When we wrote our first review, ShoeMint offered absolutely nothing in the way of extras. They offered shoes only and no specialty items. You could not request alternate selections each month, you couldn’t earn points or free credits from referring a friend, and their social media presence was pretty weak. There was lots of room for improvement here and thankfully over the last several months they listened and have begun to improve some of these areas.

To start, they now offer a small selection of handbags for sale at the same price point of 79.98. The bags are nice looking, but fairly plain and the styles are limited to only two. They have a tote that comes in two colors and a satchel that comes in three colors. The price is also too high for what you get, but at least they’ve got something. Below you can see what the two styles look like.

ShoeMint Handbags

A look at the two styles of handbags currently offered by ShoeMint.

Hopefully they get on the ball and start producing a wider variety of handbags, but we aren’t holding our breath!

ShoeMint now also has a rewards program where you can earn points from every purchase and later redeem them towards store credits. You can also earn points by referring friends. For every dollar you spend you receive 10 points and for every friend referred, you receive 1,600 points. You need 8,000 points to receive a free credit. This means you’d need to spend $800 or buy 11 shoes before you’d have enough points for a free credit. You’d also receive a credit after referring 5 friends. Compared to other clubs it is much harder to earn free shoes with ShoeMint, but their shoes are more expensive so if you take that into consideration it is not quite as bad.


We still think that even after being around for almost a year, ShoeMint still has a long ways to go if they want to compete with the likes of JustFab and ShoeDazzle. They do not offer a true personalized shopping experience, they have minimal shoe styles to choose from and the shoes themselves seem way overpriced for what you are getting. Right now, unless you’ve seen a particular style offered by them somewhere that you absolutely have to have it might not even be worth your time to sign up. We are still hoping to see some major changes and improvements as they continue to grow, however they need to get moving fast!

We’ll continue to check in with them month after month and will update this ShoeMint review as we see fit.


  1. Like anything, there’s never going to be a perfect shoe club, but Shoe Mint does a decent job I think.

    Okay, their shoes are pricey but most of the time they are made from more expensive material, so it’s to be expected. The key is to do your research. Make sure the description says real leather or that parts are real leather.

    If, when you get your shoes, you have a problem, have all your ducks in a row before you call customer service. And most importantly, have some spare time to wait. Don’t call when you have to be somewhere in an hour. Know the nature of the beast. Most customer service sucks. So does Shoe Mint’s C.S. (that’s why I subtracted 2 stars. The calmer you are, the better.

    Another thing to watch for is your credit card. It hasn’t happened to me, but I’ve heard about other people being charged more than the monthly fee and sometimes being charged when they should have been given a credit.

    Although Shoe Mint’s C.S. is bad, their shoes are good (if you research each pair and figure out beforehand which are genuine leather. I took half a star because it takes more (research) time to get a good pair of Shoe Mint shoes

  2. I used to buy from Shoe Mint until they went crazy with bad designs, odd pricing, and fake materials. Another thing I noticed is: Where’s Steve Madden??? He was the real name that gave street cred to the company when it was new, now I don’t see him anywhere on the site. Maybe that’s why the shoe designs look so bad. lol

  3. I thought I was finished with Shoe Mint, but it looks like my story with them isn’t over.

    In the beginning I was a happy camper. Shoe Mint shoes were genuine leather at, what I consider, a good price. Win for them and Win for me!

    Then I got a pair of defective shoes. Things quickly went south.

    Customer service was a nightmare. It took three months to get a credit for the shoes.

    Because I had a few good initial experiences with Shoe Mint, I decided to keep shopping their website and bought more shoes.

    Out of the four pairs I purchased after the customer service debacle, one pair was acceptable. The rest were cheap and not worth the money spent.

    So I ended things with Shoe Mint. I cancelled my membership and thought it was over. Until this month when I found a new charge on my credit card.

    I’ve called customer support and they are working on it now. I will update when I get more information.

  4. Ever wish you could turn back time. I do. I wish I could go back and do better research on Shoe Mint.
    I wish I had found this site before buying from this company.
    It would have saved me a lot of headaches and my credit card wouldn’t be so jacked up.
    It sure was easy enough to buy the shoes, but the amount of hassle and time spent has cost me quite a bit, hours on the phone with Shoe Mint and my credit card company and the issues still haven’t been resolved.

  5. Shoe Mint may not be a scam, but I sure feel scammed, ripped off, whatever you want to call it. I spent 100 dollars on faux crap! And the second time I wore them out… Broken heel on these (insert bad word here). Customer service was nice enough, and I got a credit after agreeing to send the defective shoes back. Whatever I get with the credit better be a work of art, to remove the bad taste shoe mint left in my mouth.


  6. I’m so fed up with Shoe Mint! I have been around since the beginning of the shoe club craze (Shoe Dazzle was the first btw) and while none of the clubs are perfect, Shoe Mint has steadily declined while the others have done their best to get better at what they do.

    At first, I knew what I would be getting with Shoe Mint – genuine leather, Steve Madden, classy styles. Now nothing is certain. Pricing is all over the place and, imho, higher price doesn’t mean better shoes!

    The website has become harder and harder to understand and I am sick of not knowing what will show up at my door, a nice pair of shoes or an extended fight with customer support to get a credit.

    I’m done.

  7. I’m giving Shoe Mint a 1 star for their fast shipping, otherwise I would have given them a zero. Too bad you can’t give negative stars.

    They sure have wizards in their photography department. They make the shoes look so good. I wonder how many P.O.S. shoes they have to go through before they find a decent set to then fluff and polish for the product shot.

    The shoes that made it to my door quickly, looked like crap, shoddy craftsmanship and NOT genuine anything! I talked to customer service and got what I expected. Free return and the chance to get another pair or credit for other merchandise.

    I am chalking this up to a lesson learned and avoiding Shoe Mint from now on.
    Fool me once…

  8. Just Fab and Shoe Dazzle have set the bar. They make good quality shoes and are obviously making a profit at 40 dollars. I don’t see how a company thinks I will buy their shoes for twice that.
    So they have some b-list actress and a designer who some people might recognize. That’s not enough to double your price tag. No way sister.
    I wont be buying from them.

  9. While I agree with you that JustFab is the best shoe club out there, I don’t think ShoeMint is below ShoeDazzle. ShoeMint makes amazing shoes and Shoe Dazzle most certainly does not!

    ShoeMint uses real leather so they have to be more expensive. Their quality rivals JustFab and surpasses Shoe Dazzle by leaps and bounds.

    And the one time I had to talk to customer support at ShoeMint, they were very nice. Shoe Dazzle support on the other hand plain sucks.

    IMO you rate Shoe Dazzle too high. ShoeMint should be a very close second to JustFab.

  10. I blog about shoes and recently I have noticed some people commenting about ShoeMint being a scam and overcharging credit cards. When Shoemint first opened, all I saw in the comments section of my blog was good things about them. People said their shoes were great quality and they all seemed happy.
    Now I am seeing some negative remarks about ShoeMint.
    I am thinking that maybe the people having issues with ShoeMint are actually having trouble with the human beings on the other end of the customer support phone.
    If you are upset about something (wrong size, damaged items, etc.) and you take out your anger on the person who hears anger all day, you should expect the possibility of retaliation.
    I have dealt with ShoeMint customer support multiple times and have had good outcomes, but I never call immediately while upset. I wait a while and then call and I am cordial and pleasant with the rep. I think this helps a lot in getting a good outcome. Remember, you get more bees with honey.

    • Hi Bethany!

      Thank you for being understanding! I assure you that our Customer Care agents will always try to assist our loyal customers as best they can.


      Shoemint Support

  11. I really love my ShoeMints! Every single pair! I see a lot of haters posting that they are too expensive. If 80 dollars is too high, maybe you shouldn’t be buying shoes online.
    I think ShoeMint is head and shoulders above all the other clubs. They have amazing original designs and use only the best materials. At 80 dollars, these shoes are a steal!

    • Hi Kelli!

      So happy to hear that you love our shoes! We really appreciate your positive feedback and thank you for being a loyal customer!


      ShoeMint Support

  12. I dropped 80 dollars once, but it was hard to do. That was back before they started to sell 40 dollar shoes. Back then I kept thinking to myself I could get two pairs from Shoe Dazzle or Just Fab for this price.
    When I got the shoes I liked them. They were nice but not any better than the 40 dollar shoes I got from other places.

  13. Shoe Mint has some nice styles and nice quality shoes. I can’t say anything negotive about those to aspects, but the price is a bit out there.
    It’s enough for me to say “Hmmm. these shoes are nice I am satisfied with them.”
    But raving about them at the price, I can’t do that.

    I probably won’t buy from there again.

  14. I’m betting that you haven’t had a guy post on your site before. I want to tell anybody thinking about ordering from Shoe Mint not to.
    My girlfriend was thinking about buying shoes online and looking at all the clubs. I told her you get what you pay for and if I was her, I’d buy from Shoe Mint. She ended up paying 80 dollars for a pair of shoes that weren’t real leather and were built like crap.
    This company has balls, selling cheaply made shoes for double the cost.


    • Hi Larry,

      I am sorry to hear that you were not happy with the quality of our product. I hope that you were able to contact customer care and return the item. Shoemint actually offers prepaid return labels. All our customers have to do is call, email or live chat customer care and an agent would be able to process that return/ exchange for you. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us at 888-483-8093 or customercare@shoemint.com Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST.

      ShoeMint Support

  15. I just received my first pair of shoes today from this company and they look worn. The suede is dirty and discolored. The shoe laces are stained. I was very disappointed. Unfortunately they were closed by the time they were delivered so I’m curious to see how they will rectify this. It’s a bummer. They looked so good online. It literally looked like someone had been driving in them. I can’t believe they sent out shoes in that condition. :(

  16. This is the first time I have written a comment anywhere. So you know I have some strong feelings.

    Shoemint is screwed up now!

    They were a great store when they opened up. Genuine leather at reasonable prices, I love that. They had me hooked.

    I don’t know who decided on selling different cheaper shoes made out of other synthetic material but it sucks!

    Maybe I wouldn’t be so upset if they labelled better, but its really hard to tell what type of shoe you are going to get.

    I figured: Okay, the 80 dollar shoes are real leather and the 40 dollar shoes are the cheap materials, but that isn’t always the case.

    I almost paid 80 dollars for synthetic!

    Shoemint needs to stay with the real leather at 80 dollars and let shoedazzle and Justfab do the 40 dollar shoes. They are better at it.

  17. Fool me once, that’s it.
    I figured I’d splurge on a pair of higher end shoes. I am usually quite happy with ShoeDazzle and JustFab, but I figured I would try ShoeMint. Their shoes have to be better right?
    When I got the package I was excited. It looked high end. Then I got to the shoes. There was nothing wrong with them,except their price tag.
    I could’ve gotten the same shoes for half the price at JustFab or Shoedazzle.
    I gave ShoeMint two stars because their shoes are not bad, but they are overpriced.

  18. I have over $159 worth of credits on ShoeMint and when I went to buy two pairs of shoes totally $149, the website would not let me make the purchase using all my credits. They asked for an additional $69.99. After being confused, I called the website and explained my issue. The lady on the phone was not trying to please me. She offered to refund me my credits, but I would need to put out the $149 to make the purchases. Meaning I would be out of $300 with no shoes and no credit to my credit card for a few days.

    I was even willing to relinquish some of my credit about $10, but just because I only wanted the two pairs of shoes in my cart! We should have an option to do this. It is unfair that I have to go ABOVE AND BEYOND my credits just to use them.

    Also, there are never any shoes in my size and there have been some of the same shoes for months. How am I expected to spend $79.98 per month with no variety.

    This is not what I signed up for.

  19. I was waiting at the virtual doors of Shoemint when they opened. At the first pair of shoes, I was hooked. Opening the box and getting the sweet scent of genuine leather made my day.
    At first their selections were limited, but they gradually increased in styles colors and heel options.
    There were a couple months I purchased multiple pairs and although it was pretty rough on my pocket book, I was happy!

    Lately they have added some lower price options and I purchased a pair of them. The lower priced shoes were kind of a let down. I am now more careful to avoid the lower priced shoes.

    ShoeMint is still the go to shop for me, just not for their lower end merchandise.

  20. At first I thought ShoeMint was great. I found a pair of their shoes on pinterest and loved them – bought them instantly! In my excitement I did not fully read all the rule and regulations and was charged a $79.98 fee to be a member. This is partially my fault for not fully reading all their rules and regulations, but I do wish they were a little more forth coming with the charge. I have contacted the costumer service rep and they have agreed to reimburse the $79.98, but they were very rude and definitely let me know I would no longer have access to their website.
    Lesson to everyone: Read ALL the fine print!

    • Hi Morgan,

      We all know about the membership fees on these shoe clubs, so usually we don’t post reviews that are only negative because of this issue.

      Would you care to go into a little more detail though about the shoes that you bought from ShoeMint? What did you think about the overall quality and were they worth the price?

      It would be much appreciated! thank you :)

  21. I have had good luck most of the time with Shoemint. They use real leather (but I did see on another blog someone said not all their shoes are real leather).
    There was a pair that had some glue on them but I managed to get it off without having to send them back.
    If you buy them for an event, make sure to let them air out for a few days out of the box, because they have a big chemically smell at first.

  22. I recently bought a pair of shoes (Joanne) from Shoe Mint because they had a $40 off promotion with Black Friday. I live in Canada, so I was charged $19 for shipping. Extremely high, but I fell in love with this particular shoes so I bought it anyways. I had an awful time tracking my order online, every time I used the Canada Post number; I was told the number didn’t exist. I think paying a ridiculous amount for shipping; I really shouldn’t have difficulty watching my order. Anyways, when I got these shoes, I opened the box and was extremely disappointed since the colour and texture of the shoe was completely different from what they advertised. I am very upset, because I have been dreaming and patiently waiting for shoes that I didn’t end up getting. Will I return the shoes? I’m not sure. But I will be deleting my membership.

  23. UPDATE- I called today to skip the month the rep told me I had to do it online, I went back online and noticed that the icon to skip month was next to where it said Gi-gi’s account. It wasn’t previously. The only thing I can think of is that the link wasn’t active until the first business day of the month which is absurd because I’ve been trying to skip since December 1st.

  24. I am a fan of Rachel Bilson’s style so when I saw the commercial I looked it up that night. I found a pair of boots called “Sidney” that I liked right away and purchased them. I have mixed emotions about shoe clubs that require purchases but the shoes looked so cute and Steve Madden was involved which is a plus since I’m a fan. My first complaint is I never received a shipping confirmation email. I waited 8 days until I called customer service she told me they shipped and gave me a tracking number to follow. They finally arrived two days later. (By the way when I log into my account it still says order processing for this purchase, don’t know if its cause the site is relatively new or what.) Tracking is a big deal to me. The next complaint I have is I received my shoe selections for December and I don’t want to purchase but the skip month option is ambiguous and I cant tell if it registered or not. On my account under skip it just reitirates that you must opt out by the fifth of the month with no actual icon to click that lets you know you’ve skipped. I plan to call and skip it over the phone but I dont wnat to have to do that every month. Finally, the shoes were cute but not as cute as pictured and although the material says real leather the construction was not the quality I was expecting not cheap but not 80 dollars worth maybe 50 tops. All in all I may purchase again but I dont think I will be an avid shopper here.

  25. ShieMint sucks! I bought Chloe and the strap broke after a month.I bought another pair and forgot to “skip” a month. I had no choice but to buy another pair. I was very disappointed with the quality. I sent this pair back their shoes are very cheaply made.

  26. I was really excited about shoemint that is, until I used them. First of all, I had a significant difficulty placing my order… they ended up charging me for 2 shoes instead of one and I had to contact customer service to have one refunded. Then when I get my shoes they are the wrong color and THERE ARE NONE LEFT IN THE COLOR I ORDERED. The whole thing was a hassle. I don’t recommend it. I’d rather pay more at a store where they can get it right the first time.

  27. I’ve had a hit and a miss with Shoemint. I actually found this page because I’m about to stick another pair of shoes in my cart, so… let’s hope it’s two hits and a miss. I bought the Suki ankle boots a few months ago and they are truly my favorite pair of shoes in my closet, I wear them everywhere and they are still in great shape (even playing outside with my bf’s little sister yesterday – which is not something I’d usually want to do in leather shoes). That said, I splurged on the Dive crossbody last month and sent it back because I couldn’t see a way to justify spending $80 on it. It was the first vegan option I’d seen on their site and sadly it was cheaply made. I’m a religious Shoedazzle customer so it’s tough for me to accept buying animal products – the quality has to be great. Crossing my fingers that round 3 works out ok.

    • Update – I purchased the shoe using a $10 off coupon and not only did it NOT use the coupon when I clicked pay (even though the discount appeared on my total), it then told me my cart was empty and I couldn’t check out! Great way to force someone to buy an extra pair of shoes they don’t want – especially because they charged me $80 and it’s showing in my order history.. Unbelievable. And it’s Sunday so I can’t even call customer service.

  28. I just bought the Deanna boots in wine and I am happy with them. They are beautiful and put together nicely. They are pretty snug around the top of my foot and the leg is the opposite (a little saggy) – I usually don’t have a problem with fit.
    I joined up and got them for club price. They say similar boots got for 300+. I don’t know about that but even at club price I had some sticker shock.
    I like the boots but would have loved them if they weren’t so expensive.

  29. Talk about burning out fast! Out of all the shoe clubs I have been excited about, Shoe Mint was on the top. I expected they would become a leader with fantastic real leather shoes. They had the obstacle of price against them but you got to pay for quality.
    I think the whole “big price tag” was just for filling big pockets with little regard for making a superior shoe.
    My expectations were big, so there’s that to consider, but I have not been impressed.

  30. I’ll give it one star because of the fact that there’s one pair of shoes I like on their site. I ordered it in the larger of the two sizes I wear, and it’s snug. The half size up is out of stock. In the meantime, I missed “skipping” the month and now have a shoe credit. There’s nothing else on their site that I’m into. Selection is severely lacking and if they don’t step it up next month I will not only remember to skip, but I’ll blow my one credit on a boring handbag and cut my losses.

  31. I ordered my first pair of boots from shoemint in August. Although the website didn’t have reviews about the sizing, it immediately suggested that I go up a half size for fit. When they arrived I was pleased with the packaging and very happy with the boot. Well constructed, good style, good fit. I’ve worn them twice now and am pleased with them.

    I ordered a second pair of ankle boots in September. It’s similar to a style that I’ve seen quite a bit this season, but even at an $80 pricetag is $20-$30 less than the other versions I’ve seen. When it came in I was disappointed to find that it was a bit snug (the website hadn’t suggested to go up a half size, so I didn’t). Customer Service was helpful with the exchange and the whole phone call took only about 10 minutes.

    I feel that the style of shoes that I’ve found on shoemint are more fitting to my wardrobe and lifestyle (less glitzy than shoedazzle).

    I’m certainly not going to drop $80 on a pair of shoes every month, but I don’t mind clicking “skip a month” and keeping an eye on the sight as long as it occasionally has exactly what I’m looking for.

    They should consider having a more detailed customer review section like Zappos or Aldo. It would be really beneficial.

  32. Is there a way to post pictures to your website? I would love to show you the pictures of my $80 broken heel shoes!

  33. Very disappointed. I found out about Shoemint when Lauren Conrad posted a photo of a pair she bought (the Red Suede Molly). When I went to check out the site, I was impressed when I saw that Rachel Bilson was the face of the brand, and after looking into what the site was all about, I was won over. So naturally, I went through the process of creating my profile and immediately found two pairs that I liked. I’m from Canada, and I’ve ordered shoes online from other US sites before – I did not expect shipping to be so expensive! $30 a shoe, and it only increases the more shoes you add to your order. The styles were presented very well and they looked great on the website. So I decided to go ahead with it anyway and spend the money for what looked to be good quality. I bought the Red Suede Molly and the Floral Leslie. I was excited when they first arrived, but immediately disappointed when I tried them on. First off, I was expecting MUCH more considering the price and the company image. The Molly is cute. Don’t get me wrong, but cute FOR $40 AT MOST. The red color isn’t vibrant as they appear on the website, and they were STIFF and REALLY snug. I had to go to a shoe maker and get them stretched.. The Leslie was the most odd fitting shoe I have ever tried on. They are bulky at the front, and the material doesn’t lay flat on your feet.. it looks as if there was absolutely no thought into making these. They both are poor in quality.. glue showing, string hanging out from areas.. clearly not put together in a clean manner. So I decided to cancel my membership right away. I sent them an e-mail requesting that they have my account deleted and I provided an explanation. I received an e-mail back confirming that my account had been deleted, and I was asked to provide feedback – AS IF I HADN’T WRITTEN A PARAGRAGH ALREADY. Eeergh..

    I’ll give them a star for their marketing strategies and shoe taste.

  34. I have a few experiences with ShoeMint worth sharing here. My first purchase, Lea in Teal, arrived quickly and nicely packaged. I was so excited because they looked adorable on the site but the bow detail was cheap, flimsy looking, and crooked. I tried them on anyway. The sole was incredibly slippery on carpet and kitchen flooring. I suppose they thought the rubber heel made up for it, but I was sliding all over the place. Not only that, but the woven leather felt more like stiff plastic than leather.
    I exchanged Lea for another shoe in their 35% off sale, Lambert in black. Again, it arrived promptly. I was more pleased with the look and feel of Lambert. The leather upper was soft and the sole had a decent amount of traction. Success!
    Finally, the current promotion ShoeMint is offering is another 35% off sale. I saw a shoe I had been eyeing for quite some time and decided to order Kathryn in black. The email says, “No code necessary,” but it links you to a page that tells you to enter a code. Ok, that’s only mildly annoying. I added the shoe to my cart and punched in the code. “INVALID CODE” … I immediately sent customer service a note asking what the problem was. I received a response the next day explaining that color restrictions were in place for the sale, which was noted with an asterisk. That is fine but Shoemint makes no attempt to show customers what colors are actually included in the sale. Customers have to guess by testing the code in their cart. Who wants to do all that work for something that could have been so easy?!?! I’m still not sure which shoes are on sale or if I will ever waste my time with Shoemint again. My only satisfaction? The customer service rep agreed that the promotion could have been clearer.

    The other Mints seem to have their act together. (I’m a satisfied Jewel and Style Mint customer.) What gives?

    • It’s funny. I was just skimming through this website to see if I would try another shoe club purchase after giving up on Shoe Mint and I saw your post.

      You have more patience than I do. Close to the same thing happened to me (well the invalid code part at least). I tried twice on one pair of shoes and got invalid code. Then I tried a different pair with the same result. I gave up.

      If I have to call customer support just to order then they will not get my business. It’s that simple.

  35. nice enuff shoes… i get the feeling that they aren’t trying too hard though….
    small selection…

  36. I am starting to like some of the selections! Shoemint looks like they are starting to have some more variety in styles. I bought one pair so far because of the price, but i might get another pair. They are very nice shoes. I just wish they were a little cheaper.

  37. I see many people complaining about the price of ShoeMint shoes. I don’t see anything wrong with their pricing. What’s 80 dollars in today’s market. You can easily spend that much in a restaurant.

    I have never purchased shoes from anywhere else online, but I don’t think I would buy any shoe under 80 dollars.

    • Understandable… However, when you compare the quality of the shoes from ShoeMint to the shoes from JustFab or ShoeDazzle the $80 price tag is not warranted.

      For many people, that is in fact a lot of money to spend on shoes. So if the quality just isn’t there, it would make sense to buy them for a cheaper price somewhere else.

  38. I was thoroughly underwhelmed with Shoemint. For the price, they need to step it up. Just because you use real leather doesn’t mean you can skimp on quality and get away with it. I was totally let down when I opened the box to find frayed stitching and scuffed sides.
    I have agreed to a replacement pair of the same shoe. They better be perfect. Or I will take my star away!

  39. I wont buy from Shoemint. There are plenty of alternative materials as good and better than animal flesh.

  40. Price is a big deal for me. I expected a big difference in shoes when I did more than splurge on ShoeMint shoes. I don’t see enough differences in quality when comparing there shoes with the 40 dollar shoe clubs. I said 2 stars because they had fast shipping and there wasn’t any obvious defects with the shoes. Beyond that they are too expensive for me which is the most important factor IMO

  41. My friend wears shoes from Shoemint here at work. We are the same size but I’m a little wider. They don’t fit me. They look pretty but I don’t want to buy shoes hoping they fit. Are any of the other clubs better for wider feet?

    • Angilique, You might have better luck with Just Fab or Shoe Dazzle. They have far bigger selections. I would give ShoeMint a higher star rating if I were thinking about my personal experience with them, but my sister also has had problems with narrow ShoeMint shoes.

  42. I like the shoes but wonder about the price. For me 80 dollars is a chunk of change. I went out on a limb and purchased Janice in black. I was satisfied, but the boots did look slightly different than how I feel the online picture looks. Don’t get me wrong, the booties are very nice and the quality is good but I know if most people are like me, on a budget, ShoeMint might have a hard time finding returning customers.

    I know I will have a hard time slapping down 80 dollars again for shoes I can’t see in person or try on.

  43. I like to think of myself as a good judge of quality. That’s why when I discovered ShoeMint I thought it would be a good match. The shoes look very nice. I purchased a pair of Jollys, and after getting them, I think for the price, they could do a better. I was not impressed. On a high note, mostly out of curiosity, I bought a pair of shoes from one of the other lower priced companies and was happily surprised.

  44. I hope ShoeMint does well! I love Rachel Bilson. I met her once when she was on Conan. She is a very genuine person. You can tell. I’ve bought Rosemary and Hattie and I love them.

    Someone I never met but don’t consider genuine… Kim K. Just saying.

    • which is relevant to their shoe clubs…

  45. I like the clean design and subtlety of the shoe line so far. I don’t go for glitzy or overly ornate. I bought Edith and find them tasteful.

  46. I got my Jollies (who thought up that name?) and I love them. The quality is very nice and the fit is good. I have only worn them once for about an hour, but so far, I have no complaints. I might have had a little buyer’s remorse because of the price but I am happy with them now.

  47. Great styles but sadly they don’t seem exclusive or varied. The styles closely resemble Steve Madden’s other designs. It just seems to me like they need more designers or should collaborate with a shoe company that has a different look. They need to expand. We’ll see I guess.

  48. I got Edith which is a platform pump type shoe. Really nice box and wrapping… Simple but elegant. I got the shoes in black and I absolutely love them. It’s about a 5in heel and is suede. I ordered my size exactly and wish I oculd have ordered something bigger because they pinch a little but are getting better as I break them in. Yeah $80 is a little pricey but these are high quality shoes and it makes a difference. Excited to see how Shoe Mint does as they get bigger and get more styles there is not much to choose from right now.

    • I got these same shoes Edith but in the blush color. My god they are UGLY!! DO NOT GET THIS COLOR! I don’t know how they would look like in black but I thought the blush would be cute… It looked great on the website but in person it is not nice looking AT ALL. More like a pinkish vomity color than blush.

      They are really wayyyyy too super high and I thought they looked a bit worn out. Doesn’t seem liek real suede to me either. Dont think they are worth 80 bucks whatsoever. Sucks that I have to pay a 10 buck restocking fee just to return these things.

  49. My thoughts on my recent Shoe Mint buy:

    The shoe was Jolly and seems to be one of the more popular styles. Lucky I was able to get it before it was sold out. They seem to be made well and the quality seems real good. Material is suede and is soft and even. But the shoes do run small (the Shoe Mint site said to order a half size up so I did) even so, they still seem a wee bit snug. Even though they are a bit tight they are still pretty comfy as long as I wear them with longer socks or tights. The one time I didnt I noticed my ankle was starting to get a little sore after a while and there was a red mark on it.

    The sole comparison I can make are to shoes bought from Just Fab. Even though Shoe Mint uses real leather and suede I think it is still comparable to the materials that Just Fab uses and for the extra price I am not so sure that it’s worth it. The selection on Shoe Mint is very limited to compared to the huge variety of styles and colors you can get on Just Fab.

    Will probably buy some more if there are any type of discounts or coupons that come out. The shoes do seem nice but I am not sure if I can see myself spending $80 each on them.

  50. Signed up expecting a lot more. Not a very big selection and the shoes are pretty bland. There was one pair I was maybe thinking of trying but it was sold out anyways. Not for me I guess.

  51. I am more of a high-end shoes type of gal but I was pretty excited when I heard about ShoeMint. I had kind of strayed away from other clubs because I didn’t think their shoes would be of high enough quality for me. I thought that I’d give ShoeMint a try though because they were selling their shoes for double the price of other shoe clubs and claiming that their quality was far superior.

    I gave it a try and initially I was very impressed when my order arrived and I saw the packaging. It looks really expensive and has a nice good clean design. However, the shoes themselves… I don’t know. I honestly don’t think these shoes are worth $80 just because they are Steve Madden. He’s popular because he knocks off other deisngers and I really do feel that his shoe quality is pretty poor but maybe that’s just me. I also have a hard time finding any of his shoes that actually fit me.

    Tried on these ones and they were pretty stiff. I agree with the reviewer here…It does seem like they would take a real long time to break in. I was kind of hoping for leather soles too but maybe thats a stretch. Would have liked a travel bag too for $80. I also noticed a strong glue smell on the shoes.

    Honestly, the best part about these shoes was the shoebox and the packaging and thats what get the 2 stars from me. Probably won’t be trying ShoeMint again unless I notice some more positive reviews spring up.

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