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ShoeDazzle’s New Membership System & How It Works

ShoeDazzle VIP MembershipIt looks like ShoeDazzle is at it again! For those who haven’t heard, they’ve recently decided to go back to their VIP membership system that they abandoned months ago. We really aren’t sure why they’re doing all this flip flopping and can’t keep things consistent for their members, and we’ve heard from quite a few people who are kind of annoyed. We’ll soon be taking a look at all of the shoe clubs and making updates to every review, so be sure to check our ShoeDazzle reviews page in the coming days to see our updates.

In the meantime, if you’re wondering what these changes mean for ShoeDazzle members, here is the skinny on how the new ShoeDazzle VIP membership works:

Their new VIP membership system costs $9.95 per month to join, and there is no option to skip the month like you have with JustFab or ShoeMint. So if you enroll (which is optional) you can count on $9.95 coming out of your credit card every single month as long as you are a VIP member. However, if you are a fan of ShoeDazzle and make purchases their regularly it actually is a pretty good deal. Each $9.95 monthly charge gets turned into credits that you can use towards purchasing items on their site. Keep in mind however, that your credits will expire after a year if you do not use them.

What are the benefits of becoming a ShoeDazzle VIP Member and should I become one?

The benefits are simple… YOU SAVE MONEY! :D You’ll get free standard shipping on every order (which is a savings of $4.95 for each order you make) and you’ll get “members-only pricing” on all items which can save you up to 10-25% on each item.

So really, if you plan on purchasing even a couple shoes each year then becoming a member is a no-brainer. You’ll save a significant amount of money and your membership fees are turned into credits that you can use towards purchases.

Now, let’s see how long they stick with this model before changing it to something else again!

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  1. I want to be a member for shoedazzled.

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