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Our Review of Shoedazzle

Shoedazzle.com - Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is the Chief Fashion Stylist & Co-Founder of ShoeDazzle

ShoeDazzle (located at Shoedazzle.com) is led by Kim Kardashian who is the Co-Founder and Chief Fashion Stylist. They were the very first online shoe club and remain one of the top clubs to this day. Kim Kardashian and her stylists have put together a trendy line of shoes, bags and jewelry to choose from. They have most definitely made an impression in the fashion world with their affordable shoes, bags, and jewelry offerings ($39.95 with free shipping).

Memebers who have purchased one or more items get selections from the Shoedazzle style experts each month that are picked based on the users own personal tastes. Before signing up, Shoedazzle requires you to take a fashion quiz that is used by their style consultants to help them determine what your tastes are and what types of shoes they should pick for you month after month.

This review is going to take an in depth look at the whole process. Feel free to skip to the conclusion if you just want to read a quick overall summary.

How Shoedazzle Works

The first step is taking the Shoedazzle quiz, where you take a short multiple choice quiz and choose from various shoe styles, wardrobes or celebirty looks that you like best. Within a day you’ll receive an email to notify you that your stylist selections are ready in your showroom, however certain items will be available to purchase immediately if you see something that catches your eye. As of our latest update, Shoedazzle was still offering a discount of 50% off for very first purchase.


A look at the quiz on ShoeDazzle.com

ShoeDazzle works very similar to the rest of the clubs that we’ve review and follows the same type of membership system. After your initial purchase you automatically become a preferred member and Shoedazzle’s style consultants will choose new selections for you at the start of each month based on your style profile.

As of April 2012 ShoeDazzle no longer requires their members to login at the start of the month to skip the month if they do not wish to make a purchase. Instead, now at the start of each month you can either purchase one of your selections, request alternates, or do nothing and wait until next month. No need to “skip the month” anymore!

So really, there is no reason to cancel your membership, but if for some reason you find that you do want to cancel your account, the only way to do so is by calling their toll free number and doing it over the phone. It would be nice if they allowed you to cancel online or by email but unfortunately at this time calling them is the only option.

Shoedazzle.com Website and Shopping

Shoedazzle’s member area or “Showroom” as they call it, is nice and easy to navigate. The shoes are shown clearly and the pertinent information is available to help you decide what item best fits your needs.

shoedazzle reviews - showroom

Shoedazzle’s Showroom

The photo above shoes you the details that are available for each item.

  • High quality zoomable photos showing the item from different angles
  • Details and a description of each item

Although there is enough information to get a good feel for the item, we found the Shoedazzle Showroom to be a little bit lacking. ShoeDazzles sizing chart where members are able to give details on if shoes fit too big or small was not as detailed as JustFab and the reviews themselves are all displayed on individual pages making it a little harder and time consuming to read through them all. Two additional things that we loved from JustFab were the video of a model walking in their shoes and a celebrity view; either of which ShoeDazzle does not have.


Shipping & Returns

ShoeDazzle offers free shipping both ways to the 48 Contiguous United States (Alaska, Hawaii, APO / FPO addresses, US territories and Canada is $9.00) and returning or exchanging items is very easy. If for any reason you want to return or exchange an item you simply call and you’ll be able to send your item back. You’ve got 30 days from the date of delivery in order to request a refund or exchange. If you are returning an item and don’t wish to exchange it for a new one, you’ll get a store credit. If you want cash instead of a store credit they will charge you a $5.95 restocking fee.

We’re based out of Denver, Colorado and every order we’ve made so far has gotten to us quickly within 3 business days. They were all packed and wrapped nicely with a snazzy looking box.

ShoeDazzle does offer shipping to Canada, however they have closed their UK operations and no longer offer their shoes to the UK. For you Canadians out there, we did a test run on their shipping to Canada and found the whole process to be quite long and expensive if you need to make a return. It took just under three weeks to get a pair of shoes shipped to Toronto, Ontario. We sent them back for an exchange on March 7th and as of this May 3rd update, our new pair still has yet to arrive. We’ll update this review as soon as it gets here.

Shoedazzle Shoes!

It all comes down to the shoes. If your name is Shoedazzle you better be able to wow us with your shoes! So, do Shoedazzle shoes make the grade? The shoes we ordered and tested out were good. The overall quality and comfort of the styles we selected were within range for the price. There were some slight issues with fit, and quality control might have been a little lax, as we did find some glue issues and a few loose stitches. Checking in with member reviews and social media, they seem to agree – Shoedazzle does a pretty good job for $39.95, but could do better with their quality control.

Having said that, for the price we still think that you can’t go wrong. Here are some reviews from actual ShoeDazzle members:

ShoeDazzle Shoes - Zahara


“I’ll try to keep this fair and quick. Pros …The material is very beautiful. They are ever so comfy. They were only 39.95 But look like an easy $150. CONS My right shoe has excessive glue on it. I only mention it because the glue has a slight shine to it. It isn’t horrible but it was the First thing I noticed.”

“I love these shoes, tried them on as soon as they were delivered. They are better than I can describe. The picture does not do them justice. I am a teacher so some shoes I cannot wear all day, but these are some I can, comfortable!”


ShoeDazzle Shoes - Sparkle


“Oh my goodness, I tried on this shoe, and boy I can’t wait to wear them. The shoe detail of sparkle is phenomial!..My male friend was a witness. These shoes will be on the side of my closet with my favorites!”

Can’t say enough great things about this shoe! Style, class and just the right touch of sass. Fits great, is comfortable and looks incredible. The fact that buying it helps a great cause makes them even better! Definately a year round wearing shoe. You won’t regret buying these!”


ShoeDazzle Shoes - Wilhelmina


“I always feel like I’m wearing Chanel when I wear these classic black quilted boots. If you want champagne taste on a shoestring budget, this is the perfect pair of boots for you!”

“I love the look and feel of these boots. They are really gorgeous, sophisticated and very comfortable. But, the heel is very weak. I wore the boots ONCE and by the end of the day the heel had worn down and the metal pin was showing. I normally only change heels once a year, not after one wear. Very disappointing.”


ShoeDazzle Shoes - Rhoda


“I really like Rhoda, I own the red pair and they are a very classy red shoe. They are very comfortable for me wear the platform on the shoe makes it feel like it is not a 4inch heel. My go to shoe for a great night out or to dress up an outfit.”

“These heels are absolutely stunning. They’re my grown-up Dorothy shoes! They are incredibly comfortable as well, which I was surprised about. They’re easy to walk in, and the patent finish is so luxe.”


The ShoeDazzle style consultants have done a a great job picking out stylish merchandise for us to try. We’ve felt that each month the shoes we’ve seen pop up in our showroom have matched our profile fairly well and we’ve been happy with the variety. Even though we’ve noticed the odd issue here and there, the overall quality of the shoes themselves was good for the price range.

Customer Service

When you’re dealing with any type of online clothing or shoes shopping, customer service is huge. Its inevitable that at some point you’re going to have to deal with customer service to return or exchange an item due to it not fitting properly. ShoeDazzle offers customer service by email and phone. Their telephone hours are Monday to Friday from 7AM to 5PM PST.

For our test run with ShoeDazzle we called their toll free number to cancel our membership with them. There was a short wait time just under a minute and the customer service rep seemed very friendly and nice. Cancelling our membership wasn’t a huge difficulty at all. We were met with several questions about why we wanted to leave and we were offered some specials to stay, but in the end, after explaining the opt out procedure again she agreed to cancel our membership.

Overall we were very pleased with their customer service. It would be nice if they offered a live chat option, but that’s not too big of a deal.

The Extras

Shoedazzle also offers other items aside from shoes including handbags and jewelry. You’ll find some nice looking handbags that closely resemble higher end bags and at a distance might pass for more expensive items. We did not purchase any items other than shoes however we’ve seen some fairly positive reviews throughout the ShoeDazzle.com website and their Facebook page for their handbags. We did notice some complaints here and there about jewelry arriving to customers broken which concerned us a little. Here’s a quick look at some items along with customer reviews for them:

ShoeDazzle Handbags - Melville

ShoeDazzle Handbag – Melville

“I bought this bag because of the fabulous red color. I have to say that I have no complaints. However, the bag is only a week old now. Unlike the other reviews I don’t have a problem with it keeping its boxy shape. It goes great with some jeans and booties. Overall a great bag to have in your collection if you are looking for a pop of color.”

“This is my 2nd SD Bag. I am very please with the style, material. I have had so many compliments on it all ready. I wish the sides were a bit stiffer to hold its great shape, but I love it anyway!”


ShoeDazzle Handbags - Paris


“The bag looks good, although it’s much smaller than I thought (should have paid more attention to the dimensions!) and doesn’t seem to be high-quality craftsmanship. But what do you expect for $40? It arrived promptly and I do like the detailing on it. Definitely keeping it, but it’ll be an every day bag, not a special occasion one.”

“This bag is the perfect size. It’s not so big that I fill it too full and it’s not so small I can’t fit everything I need into it. There are loads of pockets to hold everything both inside and out. And it’s very versatile with the multi-way shoulder strap.”


ShoeDazzle Jewelry

ShoeDazzle Jewelry

“I have received numerous compliments on this set after pairing it with the perfect purple top. Great deal for the set. My daughter absolutely loves it and wants one. It came boxed very carefully which I appreciate.”

“After waiting to receive the necklace, it came broken, and I got very disappointed. For the first time Shoedazzle disappoints me. :-(

“My necklace arrived in three pieces. The bracelet is beautiful, but this is the second time I received SD jewelry in damaged condition.”


The ShoeDazzle.com website has some more great features and extras that we love:

Style Points:As you make purchases you accumulate style points which you can then later redeem towards a free credit. You need to buy approximately 10 items before you’ll have enough points for a credit. In addition to style points if you refer 3 friends who make a purchase you’ll also receive a credit.Special Requests: After the 21st of each month if you find that you haven’t seen anything that suits your style you can fill out the special requests form which will be sent to your personal stylist to help them figure out what to pick for you next month.

Shop With Friends: By connecting through Facebook you’ll get access to and be able to purchase items from your friends Showrooms. You can also get access to the ShoeDazzle personal stylist showrooms and read their tips for that months styles.

Social Media: ShoeDazzle has an excellent Facebook community which can be very helpful when choosing what shoes to buy. You can log on to see what other members think of certain styles or even view photos from other members occasionaly.

Dazzle Deals: ShoeDazzle loses some points here for completely getting rid of their Dazzle Deals feature for no particular reason. We really liked some of these deals and were pretty disappoined when they decided to close their weekly flash sales all of a sudden.

While we do love some of the extras, we can’t help but wish that ShoeDazzle offered a little bit more to their customers. Even making it a little easier to get free credits would be a start. In our JustFab vs. ShoeDazzle comparison you’ll see that we found it to be much easier to get free credits on JustFab. Your credits also have a longer expiry date on JustFab too, which is nice if you don’t buy things that often.


Shoedazzle is a strong company with a very nice selection of shoes. Here is what we love the most about Shoedazzle:

  • You’ll find a huge variety of new styles each month and the price is right at $39.95 for each item.
  • Members on ShoeDazzle no longer are required to log-in and skip the month if they decide not to purchase anything.
  • Stylist selections have been good and insightful.
  • The shoes themselves are comfortable, and with a few slight exceptions they’re made well at their price level.
  • Customer service is solid.
  • If you are looking for other items, you can find more than just shoes. Their handbags and jewelry seem to be very stylish and trendy.

We are a bit disappointed in that since we created this site ShoeDazzle has not done a whole lot to spice up their offerings. Instead, it appears they’ve taken a step back by eliminating sales to the UK and removing their flash sales area. But overall,Shoedazzle still has some nice deals, trendy selections and you’ll find some really cool shoes here for a good price. Before you sign up, you may want to check out our ShoeDazzle promo codes page to see what kind of discounts are available. If you’re ready to sign up already, visit Shoedazzle.com today to try it out for yourself!


  1. I heard the Kardashians aren’t part of SHoe Dazzle anymore. Must explain why they’ve gotten better. I never understood why they are celebrities. Just because they had rich parents I guess. It doesn’t mean they know anything about shoes. I think Shoe Dazzle is on the right track finally. I like my selections and will start buying again.

  2. I’ve only recently gotten shoes from Shoe Dazzle, so I can’t say anything about how they used to be (looking at past comments though, it looks like they were bad shoes). I can say I am a satisfied customer.
    I don’t know if they changed managers or manufacturers or what, but for the last four months, I have gotten great shoes.
    If Just Fab is better, I have to give them a try, because I don’t know how much better you can get. The price is right and the shoes are great!
    Personally I love Shoe Dazzle

  3. I gave four stars because I didn’t want to pass judgement on shoes I’ve never bought. I just wanted to ask a question. You should make it so people can ask questions somewhere and have it not effect the rating of the store.

    I have been considering purchasing from SHoe Dazzle and Just Fab and I noticed the comments for Shoe Dazzle seem more positive now than they used to be.

    It looks like they are getting better.

    Should I buy from them?

  4. I’m a new fan of Shoe Dazzle! My first two pairs are rocking it.
    You can’t beat the price and the shoes are well made.

    I would recommend these to friends. Looking forward to buying more :)

  5. I think your rating of how good Shoe Dazzle’s shoes are isn’t right. I’m new to this company but I have found they have a very decent quality shoe-line.
    Maybe it’s something from the past that dropped their rating, but I think they are great. Good selection, good quality and a decent competitive price.

  6. Hello ShoeDazzle!
    I never bought shoes online. Technically I have still haven’t.
    I got a beautiful pair of shoes from my niece. She bought them from shoedazzle.com for me.
    I was impressed and I signed up for the emails!
    My niece explained the process, and I am ready to shop!
    I did notice Kim Kardashian is mentioned on here. Does she have a big role in shoedazzle.com?

  7. kind of new to shoedazzle and i haven’t tried any other shoe website but personally i love the shoes i have purchased (noreen and kirisa) both are beautiful and look way more pricey than they actually cost. the boots are super comfy I can wear them all day without my feet aching they also feel sturdy and i know i am going to get lotsa use out of them! the other pair are 4 inch heels and i can wear them for a pretty long time without my feet hurting and they feel sturdy and they make my legs look great and shapely.

  8. I love Shoe Dazzle shoes! For me, they are the right balance of quality and style combined with a price I can afford. I would agree about JustFab being better though. I buy from both places and the customer service at JustFab is top notch. I had a pair of shoes from them that were a tight fit and they fixed me up quick.

    I would give ShoeDazzzle 5 stars if they worked on their customer service a bit.

  9. Shoedazzle has its pros and cons.
    They are pro at offering many styles and have a huge inventory. They have something for any foot and any occasion.
    A big con is their consistency. It might be because they have a huge selection, but I have gotten nice, well made shoes from them and I have gotten disasters from them.
    They are pro about making exchanges available or offering credit for another pair of shoes, but another con is their customer service can be a pain in the butt.
    In the end you will get either another pair of shoes or credit toward some other merchandise, but it may take a lot of time, depending on who you get on the phone.

  10. I been buying shoedazzle for years now. there good shoes. I have a hole closet full of them. If you like sexy shoes you should get them just make sure you read if the sizes run right. sometimes they dont fit good. but they tell you in the page. so look on the page

  11. I’m a frequent buy of shoes from Shoe Dazzle. They have a nice line-up most months and if I don’t see anything I like I don’t have to buy.

    The shoes are very nice for the price. I’ve only had to return two pairs and I was credited when I couldn’t find a pair I wanted to replace the returned shoes with.

    Don’t expect to have a money refund. You bought shoes, you can return them for a replacement pair that are the same or another pair of the same price, or you can get a credit. Seems completely fair to me.

  12. It might be because I am young, but shoe dazzle seems too dated for me. tbh most of the shoe clubs are the same. Just Fab is better because they keep up with current styles.

    Shoe Dazzle needs to throw out all their old styles or something and get new younger people to pick shoes like Just Fab does.

    Get some new celebs too. Kardashians are boring!

  13. It’s taken almost a full month to order, receive, return and await the arrival of my exchange. This is ridiculous. I don’t understand why, since they have your credit card on file, they can’t send the exchange before they receive it. Plus, they provide the return label, so they could always track the shipment if there were any problems. Now the shoes I’ve never gotten to wear are on sale from $42.95 to $27.06. I called to speak to someone about it (not actually expecting a promising conversation). I have been waiting for someone to pick up the phone for an hour now. I’m not on hold yet, this is just me waiting for someone to answer the phone in the first place. I have better things to do with my life. I’d rather go to a store and try on a shoe rather than have to constantly call, hold, print, box, go to the Post Office/Fed Ex to ship, call, and hold more. This, “runs a half size too small but no one told me $42 shoe,” which is now on sale and I probably won’t be credited, is not worth the time, gas, ink and energy I’ve had to put into them.

  14. I used to be a VERY loyal SD customer, & couldn’t get enough of them. I’d buy two pairs a month MINIMUM, & recommend them to all my friends & pretty much every woman I’d see. People would complain about the quality,but for $39.95 I thought they were really well made. Pink boxes were taking over my closet,& I loved it. But I’d say ever since maybe late summer/early fall of 2012,they really started to go downhill. I used to stay up til 3am to see my new showroom every 1st. Now, month after month it’s just one ugly style after another. On top of it, the prices have gone up-gone are the days of the $39.95 flat rate,& no more free shipping. I haven’t bought a pair since August or September of 2012. There just hasn’t been anything I liked. I love Rachel Zoe,but ever since she took over as lead stylist, it’s really gotten bad. They site layout just isn’t as fun as it used to be either. Seems like they’re still popular, but I can’t believe I’m the only woman who feels this way. Had this been last year I would have easily given them 5 stars,but honestly my rating of 2 stars is only for my nostalgia for the old days of SD. If I was a new customer,probably I’d give it not even one.

  15. It took me a long time to order shoes that I couldn’t actually try on. Eventually I went for it with a pretty pair of shoes I bought from shoedazzle (can’t remember the name of them). It was almost a deal breaker for me. I got a pair of sad looking beat down shoes that may have been used.

    I called shoedazzle customer support and got a replacement pair that looked better, but I don’t think I will ever buy from them again.

  16. Some of the positive reviews are outdated. I was with SD for 8 months at which time I purchased over 200 pairs of shoes. Out of those 200+ shoes, 37 were severely defective!!!! When I posted on their Facebook page about the ongoing defective shoes and their horribly slow return process, in which by the time your return gets to them in 3-4 weeks, they are out of your shoe to exchange. So I stayed with them and did get some wonderful shoes but recently started getting crappy quality shoes again. So I posted today how I received 37 pairs of defective shoes and guess what?? I got a call from Ryan, one of the many managers, who said they were canceling my account. I said that’s fine because I was just waiting for my 2800 style pints to mature so I could get my free shoes and then I was canceling my membership. He said since I “opted out” I would lose all my style points!!!! Wtf??!! I had $1,200 worth of style points from all my shoe purchases! They owed me 3 measly pairs of free shoes. He said no! What?! He said since I opted out, I forfeit them all. Omg. I said I DID NOT OPT OUT, YOU CANCELED MY ACCOUNT! Nowhere could he find terms and conditions stating that if THEY canceled my account I’d lose my points. I did not voluntarily opt out yet they stole all my points just because they didn’t like me posting negative comments in their Facebook page about my defective shoes. I’ve now filed a complaint with the BBB.org and I suggest anyone else who’s had problems or been ripped off do the same! I’ve been advised to hire a lawyer and I probably will. I spent so much money at SD and they didn’t have the common courtesy to at least warn me now to not post the TRUTH about defective shoes on their Facebook page, instead, they canceled my account and took away all my points. I had already redeemed 4,000 to 5,000 style points and was just biding my time to get the last of my 2800 points, equivalent to 160 pairs of shoes.

  17. I love the selections they have. Prices are k. My problem with this web site / club is that the customer service SUCKS !!! The people that work here have been trained to not care about any complaints…once you buy something from them …you’r on your own….from package tracking to returning items it’s a pain to deal with. I bought a pair of shoes they ran a lil big so i got a rma on the web site , took it to the postal office and it was no good had to go back, call shoe dazzle and get a new rma after all of that 13 days go by and shoe dazzle has not received the shoes …13 days?!? Plus up to 4 days for processing ….?!? They will not put the same item that you want to exchange on hold making it hard to get what you really wanted in the 1st place. Also they never sent me a link to track package either for receiving or returning …kind of annoying having to go to the web site and thru menu just to track a package. Another thing i donĀ“t like it’s the rewards system, have to wait 45 days after purchase to get points. Shoe dazzle needs to work on customer service, def need to work in the issue of delivery on time, their rewards program and sending customers links for package tracking. Just fab its hands down the best customer service, friendly, on time ,always sends me links for purchases and returns, they put items on hold when returning purchases and sends them out to you right away, if something goes wrong i know they are going to take care of me and gives me rewards point right away.

  18. I like some things about ShoeDazzle and not some other things. There shoes are nice for the price. They are what you would expect.
    The website is cool and easy to browse. They make the shoes look as good as they can just like the commercials for food. Don’t be shocked when the shoes aren’t as glamorous as the website shows.
    Customer service is good as long as you don’t want cash back. I think all the online stores are like that.
    The extras are meh.
    I get shoes from ShoeDazzle and still will when I like how a pair looks, but I never expect them to be as nice as there pictures.

  19. Ever since they changed there website and uped their prices I’m not impressed. I didn’t find many shoes I liked when they where cheaper now that it’s a higher price I’m not willing to pay for any. The styles have really gone down hill also.

  20. BUYER BEWARE!!! I bought a pair of knee-high boots in October. When I received them, I tried them on in my bedroom and then immediately put them back in the box for return because the calf-area of the boot was way too big. I returned the boots as directed by the website, but still hadn’t received a return credit to my debit card in January. I called Shoe Dazzle and was told that they had not issued a refund because the boots had been “worn.” They stated that the boots were “scuffed” and there was “mud” on the soles. Of course, I argued this because I had NOT worn the boots except to try them on for all of about 45 seconds – and it was NOT outside that I did so. They quickly agreed to return my money, but when I received my bank statement yesterday, instead of returning my money, they had charged me AGAIN! So, I called Shoe Dazzle again and explained about getting charged instead of getting the return I was supposed to. After being put on hold two times (totaling 20 minutes) they stated that they saw where I had been charged and would issue a credit for that. When I mentioned that I should be getting two credits back from them (credit for the original return and credit for the second “mistaken” charge) they tried to convince me that they had already credited my account for the return, which of course, was an outright lie. I have not received ANY credits from them. Once they realized I was not dumb enough to believe them, the man on the phone said, “Oh yeah, I see what you’re saying. You’re right. Thanks for correcting me.” He agreed to credit my debit card for both charges, but honestly, I am skeptical that it will happen. I had my bank block any future charges from Shoe Dazzle and if I do not receive a full refund by tomorrow, my bank will file a claim against the company and demand the money back for unauthorized charges. I am lucky because my bank will fight it and ensure I get my money back, but I feel bad for others who have had similar experiences and DON’T get their money back. After the man from Shoe Dazzle had repeatedly told me “this has never happened before,” I go online and discover that it has actually happened a lot. I truly believe their “return policy” is a scam and they have no intention of giving people their money back.

    ShoeClubReviews Editor: Has anyone else out there experienced similar problems with ShoeDazzle? This is the first we’ve heard of this kind of problem happening with them, but if anyone else out there has had this issue with returns, please let us know!

  21. ShoeDazzle like the Kardashians show is old news. I used to like watching them, but Bruce Jenner looks soooo creepy! I had to stop watching. I just started watching House of Fab, you guys should mention the reality shows that go with the shoe clubs. It’s kind of interesting to see the new way merchandise is becoming the entertainment.

  22. This company is horrible. I ordered a pair of boots for my daughter, paid the extra shipping to have it shipped in time for Christmas and never got the boots till 2 days after Christmas, then they didn’t fit and we tried to return them and find out that these boots “did not qualify” for a return… I emailed the company several times and both times were told that I would not get a refund and pretty much were told that neither items qualified for return or would not of been received in time for Christmas and that I should of read the website more closely… Bull… I did not see any such disclosure and if I had do you honestly think I would of paid the extra to have these shipped in time or even order them knowing that I could not return them…NOT!!! I had nothing but no help at all from speaking to a customer service person or email. In fact, one of them told me to have a Dazzling day… REALLY! Dazzling Day my a.. Anyone thinking of ordering from this company should really think twice, this company is soo unprofessional and has absolutely no “Dazzling” personality. I order online all the time from various companies and have never dealt with such a horrible company as this one! I will never ever buy from them again and would caution anyone thinking of doing as well.

  23. Do you no the people at shoedazzle. If you do tell them I would never buy from them again. its a scam all the way. Payless is better then them.

  24. Shoedazzle WAS great when I started buying from them about a year ago. Just like most shoe societies, the shoes are affordable and cute. I found this review and am left quite confused after I read it. Sure, the things mentioned above are among my first impressions of Shoedazzle, but after experiencing some shockingly negative and unnecessary issues with them, my experience has been quite the opposite.
    1) I’ve seen the size issue in almost every review blog. When I signed up for this “glamorous” shoe society, I was asked to input my shoe size into my profile. This, in combination with proclaiming their shoes are exclusive, led me to believe that the sizes were true to fit. Im a 7 1/2 and ANY shoe brand I’ve ever purchased…if one 7 1/2 fits, any other shoe of the same brand in 7 1/2 will fit. I ordered about 10 pairs (7 1/2) when i had my folirat soze issue. Until then, I never noticed any of them deviating from “true to fit”. It was a BOGO pair, and when I contacted them about the shoe being too small, they told me there were no refunds but happily told me the size 8 was still available and I could purchase those….WHAT? Not sure why they couldn’t be exchanged. I offered to pay for additional shipping and they still wouldn’t help. So, I was out pair #1.
    2) Since I became a sucker for getting mail, and was willing to overlook bad customer service, I continued to buy from them. I just bought my 15th-ish pair of shoes an they were my last. I ha recently moved when I placed my order. I updated my billing address and when I went to update the shipping as well, the order confirmation screen loaded. The address it was being sent to is my ex boyfriends house, whom I do not talk to for typical breakup reasons. When I spoke with Shoedazzle about the error, they absolutely would not reroute my package, even when it hadn’t even left their warehouse! I told them I would pay for any fees, extra shipping whatever…nothing. I contacted USPS, they couldn’t do it because I’m not authorized to make those changes (but it could be done). Anyway, I never got my shoes. Contacted my ex (with my tail between my legs) but he wouldn’t respond. After many emails sent to Shoedazzle, I got 1 response. ONE. They told me to put a hold on my exes mail. O.o
    And back to the initial issue on the website…that website is always screwed up…on any computer/phone.
    3) finally, I tried canceling my account. Uggggh. I called to cancel and was not asked why as mentione in this review. I asked to be removed from email/mailing lists as well. Done!
    Until I got another email about my recent purchase. I replied to the email explaining that I cancelled my account and asked to be removed from the email list. They replied by telling me I’d have to call to cancel…….
    Anyway, I’ve never heard of not wanting to exchange a pair of shoes after hearing out such a legit complaint, I’ve never heard of not being able to change an address before the item has left, I’ve never heard of being unable to reroute a package to the correct address so your paying customer can receive their product, and I’ve never heard (as a retail store manager for too many years) of such horrible reoccurring customer service. At what point do you stop saying no to easy fixes in the name of customer service, and win back some of these customers?

    Not saying to not go with Shoedazzle when choosing a shoe society (because I’m really sad I cancelled my account) but read the fine print. Everywhere. Mistakes happen, because we are all human, Shoedazzle doesn’t care though.

  25. I have been a Shoedazzle shopper since the beginning. I was in love from the first pair. They were beautiful, and well made. I loved the many styles and selections. Then I was unemployed for over half a year. So I had to stop buying anything but the essentials. When I finally got a new job and started splurging again, I found something had changed. The quality of Shoedazzle shoes had dropped and the styles didn’t look as good. I am giving them a decent rating because of their past shoes, and I hope they are just experiencing a bump in the road.

  26. today is November 24 and i received my order of shoes from shoe dazzle and they happened to put the same right shoe in there instead of one right shoe and one left shoe. but TWO right shoes! so unbelievable….so I’m going to have to return the shoes…and I’m wondering does anybody know that they will send my order correctly?!?!

  27. i honestly LOVE shoedazzle. i was only not impressed with 1 pair of shoes but that was partially my fault because i chose a smaller size. they do tend to run just a bit smaller so i always buy half a size bigger and put an insole in them and i can walk in the shoes all day. i’ve purchased boots and everywhere i go, girls ask me where i bought my shoes. i am very in love with shoedazzle. it’s only a bad experience if you buy the wrong shoes! you have to read the reviews and use your judgement!

  28. I give them a 3 stars because their better than payless shoes. The are good for wearing out a couple times and not so expensive. I never will pay what shoemint wants for shoes though. I might try the justfab and see what their shoes are like.

  29. Your rating level doesn’t go far enough… to the negative. Plain and simple they suck!

    I can’t say how long they have sucked because I only bought from them recently, but I can tell you they must have no quality control.
    It’s not just the cheap material, it’s like the shoes I purchased had been returned after being used and they said: “screw it! Send them out to the next customer.”
    If you don’t mind paying too much for cheap shoes that have already been worn, get yourself a pair of Shoe Dazzles.

  30. When I first signed up for shoedazzle I was awestruck. It was my first real online shopping experience. The first pair of shoes I bought are the only pair I’ve been able to keep though. The other shoes all fell apart after 2-3 times. Not to mention they are quite uncomfortable. I’ve had the same problem with the bags. I have a couple left but they are in poor condition. I hadn’t bought anything since July 2011 and then I finally gave in and bought a matching purse shoes and bag on Sept 28,2012 because they gave a credit. It is now Oct 22 (the expected arrival date) and I have yet to receive my items. I know it can’t be because I live in Hawaii because I’ve ordered 3 items from amazon in that time and have received them all. In fact amazon shipped in less than a week. I really don’t know what to say. Its very disappointing and I thought of Kim as a better business woman. It would be nice if they could find shoes made in America that are better quality and still the low price. And also fix the shipping issue.

  31. I ordered for the first time from this site last week during their BOGO promotion. I received my shoes and couldn’t be happier, the quality was great though the sizing in one pair was a little off, however it was nothing that I can’t live with just fine. I’m glad I didn’t read reviews about the site before I ordered my shoes because I might have not gotten them and with how much I love them, that would have been a very sad thing!

  32. When I first joined Shoedazzle in 2010 it was a completely different shoe club. Since they did away with the monthly membership aspect I feel the club has gone downhill. The shoe quality has deteriorated and they have messed with the prices. Instead of a straight 39.95, now there is 29.95 to 59.95. The shoes now are quite ugly and I haven’t bought anything in months. And if you don’t buy an item that is priced at 39.95 they are now charging 4.95 in shipping. I was going to do the BOGO sale they are running right now and due to the fact I would STILL have to pay shipping on my purchase despite the fact it’s 39.95. I think this club is slowly going downhill. I’d rather find my shoes on eBay and pay a little more for better quality.

  33. I bought a pair of really awesome booties from shoedazzle. I’m in no way new to purchasing shoes online but this was my first time purchasing from shoe dazzle. The shoes came quick and were pretty cool looking, has spikes and shinny stiletto heel but the quality is horrible! I couldn’t even unzip them, it’s like they sewn tbe zipper on wrong. I had to mess with them myself to get them to zip proper, luckily I’m in fashion school so I know how to alter, but not everyone is willing to do that. I think I could find something of better quality of the same price elsewhere. I’m not going to be using this sight anymore. Out of all the many shoes I’ve bought online from different sites this is the only bad review I ever gave =(

  34. My experience with Shoedazzle is decent. I have had some hits, shoes I love and wear a lot. Then there are some shoes that I like. They weren’t “off the mark” per se, but they didn’t have that WOW factor. I still wear them and get my money’s worth. I have never gotten a horrible pair of shoes from them. So I guess they are like I said – pretty decent.

  35. The shoes I bought are unwalkable the heel is too weird didnt match the base or front of it and I only used them once here at my house very painful and uncomfortable.

  36. I didn’t even know this place was still in business until I saw their commercial on tv. I bought a few pairs of shoes from then when they were first starting out. The first pair of shoes were unwearable. I went a month or two and tried again. The second pair didn’t look anything like the online shoe. I could wear them but I wasn’t impressed and no one asked me about them. The third and final pair pissed me off to the point of cancelling the service all together.
    I couldn’t believe they were still in business. I guess there’s a sucker born every minute.

  37. Oh I could write a book about my dealings with ShoeDazzle, some good outcomes some terrible. I might have been one of their first customers. It seems like it had to be going on three years ago I bought my first pair of shoes. It was a new thing for me. I hadn’t purchased much as far as fashion online and I was kind of excited, maybe too excited.
    The shoes I received were like the shoes pictured but lacked something. I can’t say what it was but they didn’t look as good (photo lighting I guess) but they were decent enough for me to continue shopping at ShoeDazzle. My next few selections were more of the same.
    Then I got a pair of black slingbacks that made me think ShoeDazzle was on their way to becoming a great online shoe club. I forget the name of them now, I’m at work and can’t see the box at the moment. ANyways, they are by far my favorite ShoeDazzle buy. I still wear them and they feel as good as they did the day I got them.
    So you may wonder about my rating.
    After the slingbacks, ShoeDazzle took a nose dive in my opinion. The shoes I bought after were dismal in the quality catagory and the styles started to look trashy (again, my opinion, but…) Quality control went out the door too. I got a pair of heels with a heel tip completely snapped off! and another pair of flats with sticky gobs of un-dried glue dripping out. The shoes with the major defects got sent back and I was credited for them quickly, but the shoes shouldn’t have made it out their doors! I may be a glutton for punishment because I still buy from ShoeDazzle but never if I am in a rush for shoes.

    • Thanks for the detailed review! Although we haven’t had as bad of luck as you in regards to ordering poor quality shoes overall, we can definitely see where you’re coming from as some pairs that we’ve received from ShoeDazzle definitely have looked very cheap.

      Have you signed up or ordered anything from JustFab yet? Their quality control seems much better than ShoeDazzle and they’ve improved leaps and bounds since they first launched. We haven’t seen any poor quality shoes for quite some time and we’ve ordered quite a number of different styles.

      Would love to hear your thoughts on them if you’ve tried them or if you decide to try them in the future!

  38. Is it just me or is Shoedazzle losing its luster?????? I have not bought a single thing in months and no longer even feel any desire to go there anymore. I was also put off a bit by their customer service the last time I had an issue with them sending me the wrong pair of shoes. It took wayyyyyyy to long to get through and they took forever to send the replacement back to me.

    Will be giving Justfab a try thanks to the reviews on this site.

  39. I’ve never had a problem with Shoedazzle shipping and their shoes are fine with me, but after a few less than average bags and jewelery items, I am staying away from Shoedazzle’s other items.

    If I were rating just the shoes I might go another half star.

  40. Im totally disappointed by my shoedazzle purchase. I bought two pairs after reading the comments/ reviews for each pair but it was all wrong. Both pairs are uncomfortable. with one shoe the heel is wobbly. the other one puts pressure on the toes. I had paid shipping charges as i live in Canada. but i don’t wish to pay again to send it back and exchange for something else.

    The shoes come in beautiful packing and look very good but extremely uncomfortable.I always buy Aldo size 7. The sizes from shoesdazzle were close to accurate but the heel heights were a lot taller than expected from the picture.

  41. Cheaply made shoes (I shouldn’t be able to see the glue drips between the shoe & the sole) & they run VERY small. Not worth the price or the hassle of returning them… I am trying to return the three pairs I bought, & my order doesn’t even show up in my order history, which has been a pain in the neck.

  42. Ok wow! Am new to this shoe clubs,bought 7pairs from shoedazzle n a pair frm just fab,now am scared,after reading these reviews,wishing I had gone d other way round.bcos am nt ready to fight with shoes n sizes.smh?

  43. I would say thay shoedazzle shoes are AWEFUL AND SO CHEAPLY MADE, i have one pair in which the heel fell off after 10 min use, and the second pair i had to exvhange 3 times, due to the shoes look NOTHING like their picture. They now refuse to exchange the last pair, even though its the wrong size they sent me… i will no longer waste my time with shoedazzle and just throw the shoes away, THEIR SHOES ARE NOT WORTH THE $39.95

  44. I ordered for the first time two pairs of shoes for $40. Reviews said true to size. The shoes I ordered for my daughter fit and the size 7 1/2 I ordered for myself were way to small. So I called to exchange them for a size bigger (which I have never wore a 8 1/2 shoe) and I was told they were out of all sizes bigger then 7 1/2. And since they were a sale item I can only exchange them and since they did not have my size they would not refund or let me exchange for anything else. Buyer beware if shoe is on sale and it does not fit. I will not order again from them.

    • Unfortunately when any shoe club has a buy one get one free sale, usually there are no returns or exchanges. You could always try to sell them on eBay or perhaps give them to a friend as a gift? You may also want to check out ShoeDazzle’s Facebook Page and make a post asking if anyone is interested in buying them off you.

  45. please does anyone know what shoe size system it uses. is it u.s size or uk size or what?

    • They use the US sizing system.

  46. I wouldnt buy from Shoedazzel.com Ever again… Paid for express 4 day shipping and was a waste of my money.. Took 3 weeks for my shoes to be delivered… Thats Express shipping??? No Thank you!!

    • I can do you one better ,

      The address was messed up so after a month of waiting for my package, it was returned to them and they refused to resend the items to me, which were out of stock by then!!! Terrible customer service, no people skills at all.

  47. They had a good track record with me before. I buy alot of shoes from them and am happy with there shoes. shoedazzle is a good place. Just make sure to buy bigger size then you need. there tight.

  48. I have three kids and a job. My life is fairly hectic. I don’t have a lot of time to go out shopping, but my work requires I attend parties, events, openings, etc. Shopping online after the kids are asleep and before I go to bed is best for me. That’s why I like the fashion clubs. But taking a look at those are even time consuming because their are so many of them now. I’ve narrowed down my shoe / bag clubs down to two. ShoeDazzle and JustFab.

  49. I had Shoe Dazzle fever when I first started buying shoes from them. Kim K. was my go to girl.

    I still like their shoes, but not as much. They need some new blood in the fashion decision making department or something.

    They have to shake it up a bit. It’s like they are coasting on auto pilot.

    - Chrissy

  50. i bought from justfab a couple times and liked them. So when I saw a pair of shoes I liked on shoedazzle I figured it would be pretty close to the same experience they do have a similar service i thought….. i got the shoes and almost thought they delivered the wrong style t shoes looked quite a bit different to me. the size of things seemed out of proporshin or something and the colors seemed more faded. i checked and they were the same shoes.
    then they didnt fit. i returned for a size bigger.

  51. Is it just me or does it seem like Shoedazzle has multiple personalities? They keep messing around with pricing and changing their rules (read the fine print frequently because it seems to be different every time I read it).

    They seemed to have a good thing going for their business and customers. Now when I get my selections I wonder what they will cost and if the merchandise will be any good.

    • I couldn’t agree more. SHoeDazzle is like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hide. Sometimes I am more than satisfied and other times I just shake my head and wonder why I bother anymore. I can confirm that they do have some very nice products sometimes, but their track record with me is all over the place.

  52. bought 10 pairs of shoes from shoefizzle. kept 2. that about sums it up. Not my style at all.

  53. I like Shoedazzle’s styles. I have to admit I have returned shoes for replacements and general quality issues with mixed results, but I haven’t stopped buying from them. As long as you don’t get impatient any issues usually get resolved satisfactorily.

  54. I like ShoeDazzle they have the kind of shoes I like. I like JustFab too. I buy shoe from them all the time. I didn’t hear about the other clubs you review. I think I will stay with ShoeDazzle and JustFab.

  55. I have been a loyal ShoeDazzle customer since their start and I have had my ups and downs with the company. I find them hit and miss as far as their consistency goes. I will continue to take my chances but I wish they would be more consistent. They seem to be slipping a lot lately in the quality control department, and whats with ditching the Dazzle Deals and raising the prices on some of their items above $39.95?!?! I dunno, I mite have to start shopping elsewhere.

  56. I like to think of myself as a strong independent women who knows her shoes and knows quality. ShoeDazzle in my opinion lacks good quality control. I have received very nice shoes, of superior build one month and found my next month’s selection to be lacking completely when it comes to construction of the shoe. Glue gobs and loose stitching have been factors.

    Returns have been erratic also. Sometimes the process goes well, without a hitch. Other times I have almost pulled my hair out trying to get a simple return processed.

    I gave ShoeDazzle two and a half stars because that is right down the middle. With ShoeDazzle, your experience is 50/50.

  57. Not all shoe clubs are created equally. IMHO. Don’t waste your time with any club not listed here. This site gets my thumbs up!
    The editors have done a great job detailing the clubs. ShoeDazzle was my “go to” shoe store. It was the original and I held out with them exclusively for a long time. Eventually I broke down and tried JustFab and realized competition is good. It keeps all the legitimate companies working to be better. I buy shoes from ShoeDazzle and JustFab now and I have tried Solesociety. ShoeMint, plain and simple is outside my comfort zone. I doubt I will ever by a shoe from them when I can get a ShoeDazzle shoe and a JustFab shoe for the price of one ShoeMint.

  58. For the longest time I had a ShoeDazzle addiction. I have things more under control now :)

    I maxxed out a credit card with ShoeDazzle’s help. Nobody’s fault but my own. They never charged me too much and they didn’t give me too much hassle about returns. I just had to get myself under control.

    It’s a bit easier to stay in control now because I don’t get blown away as much with their selections as I used to.

  59. I think ShoeDazzle needs to remake itself. Instead of the gimmicky stuff they should focus more on the shoes and to a smaller extent, bags. Go back to what they first had been doing right. I think they aren’t as dedicated anymore.

    JustFab is branching out too other fashion areas but they still do a good job with selecting shoes and bags IMHO. They seem to be doing it right.

  60. I like the more chic shoe clubs. So it’s mostly ShoeDazzle and JustFab for me. Their shoes catch my eye and I find myself going back to them. Based on my personal experiences with shoe clubs, I have to agree with this review site’s writers. I have purchased many nice shoes from ShoeDazzle, and they are top notch. That said, I would give my gold seal of approval to JustFab. They bend over backwards for their customers.

  61. I buy from all the shoe clubs on this review site and I buy at real life stores too. The online clubs are nice for when I am tired after work and don’t want to drive all over. (I do my real life shopping on weekends) ShoeDazzle is a great club! They are tied with JustFab for my fav online club.

  62. i like the shoes and bags i see coming in my monthly emails very much. when i have the extra cash to spare i buy. i haven’t purchased every month but i have accummulated more than half a dozen shoes and one bag. i don’t have any experience with other shoe clubs so i can’t say shoedazzle is the best but i like them and i like every pair of shoes that i own from there

  63. I am currently on the fence with ShoeDazzle. In the past I have gotten some great shoes from them and when dealing with customer support for one reason or another, in the past, was fine. Lately though, it seems to me ShoeDazzle has lost some of it’s luster. I haven’t been seeing anything that I like and when I ask for more selections, it just looks like more of the same. I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong. Maybe they changed some style decision makers or something. That’s all I can figure.

    • If you comment on the shoedazzle facebook page about this, they are very willing to help, they’ll only need your customer ID and your permission and they’ll update your closet to match your style more closely.

  64. I just got my first item from ShoeDazzle. It’s a bag. None of the shoes popped out for me, maybe next month. Anyway, I thought the bag looked good, so I bought it. It’s close to the picture, but there are a few things I don’t like. I will probably send it back.

  65. Before I talk about ShoeDazzle I want to say ShoeClubReviews is a great idea! I have been following all the shoe clubs and there are sites that review individual clubs, and sites that compare one to another, but this is the only site I have found that puts all the reviews and comparisons together in one place. Thank you!

    Now as for ShoeDazzle, I can tell you quite a bit. I have been buying shoes and bags from them since almost the first day. I enjoy wearing their shoes and handbags. The quality of shoe is good most of the time, but I have sent shoes back because of quality. When I send shoes back, after talking to customer service I do get replacements. I would say I am about 75% happy with quality.

    Style wise I am closer to 90% happy. Usually the shoes are very close to what you see online in their pictures. I mostly take issue with the bags though. The scale can be off sometimes it seems. Sometimes I look at the picture online and when I get the bag, in person, it seems too big. Or the bag in the picture looks sturdy and stands up, and when I get it at home, it looks kinda blobby and looses its shape.

    I guess with anything you buy online, you have the chance of seeing it differently in person.

    After following the clubs for so long I have been thinking about trying the others. JustFab is the same price,and SoleSociety is close. I guess I will try them next.

  66. I buy shoes like a cop buys doughnuts. I have ShoeDazzle, Just Fabulous, ShoeMint, SoleSociety. they all rock in my book. I guess if I was going to dis one club it would be ShoeMint because their selection is small. I really liked ShoeDazzle when they first came out. Then Justfab came out and I bought like a fiend from them. Now I am slightly under control and buy at a more normal rate. Which is 1-2 shoes a month for me, usually from ShoeDazzle and Justfab.

  67. Shoedazzle is fun to browse but I haven’t bought from them yet. I like alot of the styles and colors and patterns, but I haven’t found all of them in the same shoe yet. I am very picky I guess. I had heard of Justfab but I didn’t know the other clubs even existed.

  68. I love Kim! She knows her fashion. Although I think sometimes she lets TV producers and other people manipulate her. I hope that doesn’t effect ShoeDazzle.
    ShoeDazzle was the first right? I know they were the first I heard of and I started buying shoes right away. It’s a good service, as long as you stay on the ball. I only had to talk to customer service once about a shoe that was defective and after a while they replaced the shoes.
    I am satisfied with ShoeDazzle.

  69. Is it just me or has Kim been slipping lately? My showrooms have looked real bland and I havent found a decent shoe to order int he last 4 months!! Before that I used to get at least one shoe per month. Now I am finding that I order through Justfab wayyyy more than SD. Still will stay signed u with SD though but I wish they would start showing me stuff I liked :)

    To speak on the quality… Again I havent ordered in a while but the last several pairs I did order months back were pretty good. I had one strap break on a pair that I wear fairly often but the rest are still in tact and looking good. All my shoes are pretty high heels and are comfy considering the size of the heel (how comfy can 5 inch heels really be anyways!)

    • I agree with you Tyesha, but I don’t know if it’s Kim who’s slipping. I am beginning to wonder how much input she has with what gets selected. She usually looks good when I see her, but how often is she in SD fashion?
      I am guessing she does some promo stuff and gets a check and that’s the extent of her involvement.
      I might be wrong, but I doubt I am.

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