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No More Monthly Fees From ShoeDazzle

Following the news recently that Sole Society was dropping their monthly fees, ShoeDazzle has announced they will be following suit. So if you are a member at ShoeDazzle, no need to remember to log in at the start of each month to skip if you don’t want to purchase anything! For us, having to log in each month isn’t a big deal but it definitely is a plus. We’ll be updating our ShoeDazzle review here soon to reflect the new changes!

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  1. They customer service is terrible. They aren’t personal, just generic. The company policies aren’t custome friendly, eg, my purchases of four shoes, a bag, and earrings, we’re returned because the address was incomplete, and instead of correcting the address, they restocked my items and issued me store credit without a word to me. When I told them that I did not return the items,they then informed me that they came back because of the address, and were no longer for sale, they refused to resend the items which were in hand, but no longer for sale. As far as I’m concerned that was my stuff to simply be resent to me! How stupid of them is that! Just send me the stuff I already payed for!

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Please Note: We will not post any reviews or comments complaining about a shoe club charging your credit card unexpectedly. All shoe clubs work the same way in that if you do not opt to skip the month by a certain date your credit card will be charged. This is normal procedure that one must agree to before signing up for a shoe club.