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Our Review of JustFab

JustFab.com - Kimora Lee Simmons

JustFab.com is led by President & Creative Director Kimora Lee Simmons

JustFab (also known as Just Fabulous and located at JustFab.com)  is one of the hottest shoe clubs out there and has emerged as a leader and innovator amongst the competition.  This company is led by Kimora Simmons who works as the President and Creative Director.

They offer a selection of not only women’s shoes but handbags, jewelry and occasionally special items such as sunglasses and denim. Most people are drawn to JustFab because of the ability to purchase trendy shoes at an affordable price of $39.95 with free shipping and exchanges.

The other main drawing point is that VIP members get personalized selections from the JustFab style experts each month that are handpicked based on the users own personal tastes. Before signing up for JustFab.com they require you to take a fashion personality quiz that is used by their style experts to help them determine what your style is.

Let’s take a more in depth look at the whole process or you can skip to the conclusion to read our overall summary.

How JustFab Works

The first step is to take the JustFab fashion personality quiz in which you choose from various shoe styles or wardrobes that you like best and answer a couple of simple multiple choice questions. Within 24 hours your stylist selections will appear in your boutique, however there will be a number of items available for you to purchase right away if you notice something you really like. At the time of this review, JustFabulous was offering 50% off for your initial purchases which was great value.

Just Fab Personality Quiz

A look at the Just Fab Personality Quiz

As soon as you decide to make your initial purchase you’ll have two options: You can enroll in the JustFab VIP Program or choose the Pay-As-You Go option. VIP Members are able to puchase all styles on JustFab.com for $39.95 and get a number of other perks such as rewards and access to exclusive collections. As soon as VIP members receive their selections at the start of each month they will have three options:

  1. Purchase one or more items
  2. Request new options
  3. Skip the month

If you are a VIP member and you do not exercise any of these options by the 5th of the month your credit card will be charged and store credit will be added to your account. Just remember to check your account each month before the 5th and if you don’t want to buy anything, click skip the month. This way you won’t be charged anything.

Pay As You Go members do not need to login and remember to skip the month if they choose not to make a purchase. They do receive personalized selections, however prices are a little bit higher and start at $49.95.

Our advice would be to join as a VIP member. You get better prices and rewards to earn free shoes. Even if you do forget to skip a month, it’s not the end of the world. You’ll have a credit in your account that can be used on your next purchase.

JustFab.com Website and Shopping

What we really loved about JustFabulous was their members area which they call the “JustFab Boutique”.  Of all the shoe clubs we have tried so far, we found that not only was it the easiest to use but there is a plethora of details and information available for every item. We really love all the extra attention to detail as it greatly helped us to decide what items we wanted to buy. 

JustFab Shoes

Product details on Just Fab Shoes

In the photo above you can see all of the details available for each individual item:

  • High quality zoomable photos from different angles of each color
  • Close up video of a woman walking in these exact shoes
  • Photo of a celebrity wearing a similar shoe style
  • Details and a description of each item

The photos and video give you a really great visual of each item before you buy it but our absolute favorite feature of the JustFab Boutique is the Reviews tab where you can read what other JustFab members have written about a particular item. The member fit survey is also a great way to see if a particular shoe is true to size or if it fits a little small or big.

JustFab Reviews

A closer look at the reviews tab where you can see a member fit survey and read about what other users think about a particular item.

Not only are there plenty of details for each shoe, but they make it very easy to view shoes that were not picked for your boutique. JustFab has literally thousands of shoes to choose from, so limiting yourself to only the shoes picked by your stylist would be silly. When we originally did this review, you were in fact limited to the shoes in your boutique along with a few special collections each month. Now there is a full section where you can sort a huge number of shoes by style, color, size, rating and popularity.

Shipping & Returns

As we mentioned above, JustFab offers free shipping to the contiguous United States (shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, APO, Non-Contiguous US is $9.00) and makes it as convenient as possible if you need to return or exchange an item. Exchanges are free, but returns are not. If you are returning an item you will receive a JustFab credit for your return.

We are located in Denver, Colorado and all of our orders have arrived within 4 business days. Our orders have all arrived quickly and were very well packaged inside a nice looking shoebox.

JustFab also offers shipping to Canada and Germany. We tested out their Canadian shipping and found it to be fairly quick. Our shoes arrived in 7 business days and we were not charged any duty or customs fees.

JustFab Shoes!

Let’s talk about what we all came here for… The shoes! What are JustFab shoes like you ask? We’ve ordered a few pairs over the past few months and we have been very happy with the overall quality and comfort of the styles we’ve selected. We have yet to order a shoe that had any defects or that looked to be of sub-par quality. Compared to other shoe clubs at the same price point, we’d have to say that JustFab has the best quality of shoes overall.

We’ve also looked at a number of the reviews posted in the JustFab members area and most members have some very nice things to say about all of the items we’ve looked at. Of course, there have been some negative remarks (mostly about shoes not fitting properly) but the general consensus is that for $39.95 the styles and quality simply cannot be beat. We would have to agree 100%!

Here’s a look at some reviews posted by JustFab members:

JustFab Shoes - Cassidy


“I’m happy to say that I am very satisfied with my purchase. Not only were the shoes comfortable and fashionable but they were affordable! This was my first time shopping on justfab.com and it wont be my last! Very satisfied customer!”

“These shoes are awesome. I first got a 7.5 size and had to return for an 8, but other than that the shoe is adorable and really comfortable. The platform really helps and there is a lot of cushion inside of the shoe. This was a great buy!”

JustFab Boots - Rhoda


“Fits like a dream, comfy and sexy all in one !! Wow how often does that happen. I love this boot, wear it all the time.”

“This shoe is very stylish and fun to wear. People just can’t believe how affordable they are when I’m seen in this shoe. Its not cheap looking, what you see its exactly what you get. I love my new shoes I can’t wait to buy again.”

JustFab Shoes - Marcy


“This shoe is really cute. The back does rub but I have some Dr Scholl’s tape that fixed it. I only wear this shoe out, so for me it doesn’t matter that it is a flat without a lot of support. I have gotten compliments each time I’ve worn it.”

“Cute is an understatement! I was on the fence about getting the gray, but I am very happy I got it. They have a beautiful silvery sheen to them and the design reminds me of Christmas! Love these shoes”

JustFab Shoes - Parker


“The style is great and the packaging was very neat. The heel height is just perfect for work.”

“My new absolute favorite. I love its versatility. I am in heels regularly for hours due to work, and these are so comfortable for a heel of this height.”

“I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on these shoes. I love them. I wore them just yesterday for a 9hr event I hosted and my feet survived. So yes, they are comfortable. Would recommend!”

Each month it has been a real treat to see what our style experts have chosen and we have yet to be let down by the selections. While the majority of the shoes we come across are high heels, there are always at least one or two different styles mixed in such as wedges, flats or boots. We also love how each month they put out a number of new exclusive collections and they’ve even teamed up with big names such as Iron Fist and Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne.

Customer Service

When dealing with any type of fashion or shoe club, customer service is going to be extremely important. At one point or another you are more than likely going to have to return or exchange an item. JustFab offers customer service via email, live chat and phone. JustFab is the only club to have 24/7 customer service via phone which comes in handy when you have a shoe crisis that just cannot wait!

We decided to try calling JustFab to see what their customer service was like and our experience was very pleasant. We did have to wait on hold for slightly over 2 minutes (the longest so far of any club we’ve reviewed) but we were greeted by a friendly voice on the other end who apologized for the wait and let us know that the first few days of the month are usually very busy for them as they experience higher than normal call volumes.

We asked to cancel our VIP membership and were expecting a huge sales pitch on why we should not cancel, but to our surprise the customer service rep didn’t put up too much of a fight. She just let us know that we could opt-out each month and were not obligated to purchase anything but that she could still cancel our membership if that’s what we wanted.

Overall, aside from the initial hold time we were very pleased with their customer service.

The Extras

With JustFabulous it isn’t all just about the shoes. They also offer a very nice selection of handbags and purses and occasionaly they offer specialty items such as sunglasses or clothing. While we haven’t actually ordered any items other than shoes, the reviews left in the members section seem to be very good for these types of items. Here is a quick look at a few different items along with some customer reviews:

JustFab Handbags

JustFab Handbags

“This bag is very stylish… I got the blue one and the color is fab! I was concerned that it might look cheap but quite the contrary! I would say this is a high quality designer knock-off that goes well with business attire OR your jeans and boots.”

“This bag is fantastic! I could not be happier with this bag. It’s very roomy, high quality and very classy looking. I would recommend this bag to anyone!”

JustFab Denim

JustFab Denim

“The pants are nice and long – wonderful, because many of my jeans usually become high waters. They got the stamp of approval from my husband – he says they make my butt look amazing! They are quickly becoming one of my favorite pairs of pants!”

“LOVE these!! So perfect – the rise, the length, everything!! I’m tall, 5″9 and the length on these were perfect for me to wear with heels!! I’ve gotten so many compliments on these and they are so comfy!”

JustFab Jewelry

JustFab Jewelry

“I love these bracelets. The silver one is heavier and fits tighter than the gold one. But they’re both great.”

“I really like the silver bracelet. It fits well and it has some weight to it. The brass one is ok. It is not as solid as the silver one but it is still pretty.”

“Versatile and fun! I love them. Thank you Kimora!”

You’ll also find a few other extras that we think helps to separate them from the pack:

JustFab Rewards: For every two friends you refer, you will receive a free credit. You also accumulate points for every order you make and can redeem them towards a credit after you’ve racked up enough.

Special Requests: You can fill out a detailed form to tell their stylists more details about what types of shoes or handbags you’d like to see next month. You can tell them what style you prefer, what colors you like, where you plan on wearing your item or even enter your own comments for your stylist. A nice touch considering that you can only tell so much from the brief personality quiz that you take when you sign up.

Friend’s Boutique: You can check out your friend’s picks each month and even make purchases from their boutique if you see something that you like.

Social Media: JustFabulous has a very strong social media presence and their following on Facebook is another thing that we absolutely love! The comments and photos left by other JustFab members can go a long way into helping you decide if a certain item is worth purchasing. If you do end up becoming a member, we would highly recommend that you visit the Just Fab Facebook page regularly.

The Blog: Their blog has some great fashion advice and posts from celebrity stylists including the one and only Kimora Lee Simmons.

FABfinds: JustFab is offering exclusive items and special deals for a limited time each week. A new item is available each Tuesday at 8AM and is only available for 48 hours.

Community: Brand new to JustFab is their community area. It says on the site that it’s just in Beta, but so far we like what we see very much! You can upload photos and ask for fashion advice from other members or JustFab’s team of style experts. Or you can give your own advice to fellow members. If you’re unsure about buying a certain pair of shoes you can also search through member photos to see if anyone has uploaded a photo of themselves wearing those shoes. A nice touch that allows you to see what certain styles look like in real life.


We’ve given JustFab our editor’s choice for the best shoe club for many reasons. Here is what we love the most about them:

  • They have a wide selection of amazing new styles each month and for only $39.95 each they are a steal.
  • The deals and promotions offered are very good and come very frequently. (Have a look at our JustFab promo codes page to see the latest offers.)
  • They offer exclusive collections each month; sometimes from big-time designers.
  • Our stylist selections have been right on the money from the beginning.
  • The shoes themselves are comfortable, very well made and for the price they can’t be beat.
  • Customer service is very good although hold times may be long at the start of the month.
  • They offer more than just shoes. Their handbags and jewelry are also very stylish and high quality.
  • Their social following is huge and can really help when making a decision on what to buy.
  • The extras offered by JustFab are simply unmatched by any other shoe club.

If you are only able to sign up for one shoe club, we would have to recommend JustFab without a doubt. They continue to push the bar and to deliver the best overall customer experience. Their shoes are an incredible value at only $39.95 and their whole personalized shopping process is a really fun way to stay up to date with the latest styles and trends. Visit JustFab.com today to try it out for yourself!

Update: It has been a while since we’ve updated our reviews and a lot has changed in the shoe club industry, with JustFab in particular. They’re still at the top of the game and even have a new fitness clothing company Fabletics that they launched as a spin-off. Be on the lookout for a complete update on JustFab and the rest of the shoe clubs we feature very soon!


  1. I am about to order 2 of the “ugg” boots…just wondering if I should go smaller on the size being my feet are really skinny.

  2. I only recently joined JustFab and I’m fairly happy with the content on the site, there is a lot of selection and everything looks good. I just purchased my first pair of shoes (boots) and I am very happy with the quality however the size is not working for me. The returns info makes it seem like it is really easy to print your return slip and off you go HOWEVER I have looked and looked and have no idea where to actually find it. Anyone know where it is and could point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  3. I am a 5 or 51/2 so i got some size 51/2 because justfab doesnt have 5 so anyways the shoes fit me HUGE, && my mother which is a 61/2 tried them on and the fit her
    do all shoes there run big ? or it is just some

    • We’ve found that it varies greatly. Some shoes are true to size but some may fit quite a bit small or large. The best advice we can give (and this goes for any shoe club, not only JustFab) is to read the customer reviews first to see what people are saying about that particular style. You should have a good idea from the reviews and the sizing quiz whether or not your JustFab shoes are going to be true to size or run a bit small/large.

  4. I don’t tell anyone I use the JustFab site to purchase some of my shoes. I get compliments on my $40 JustFab shoes and bags, and my friends and co-workers assume they are part of my higher-priced wardrobe. I like that the styles are trendy and affordable, and I don’t feel bad about buying a pair of shoes I’ll only wear for one season.

  5. I think the idea of this club is great. However, I never like any of the shoes I can pick from. I wish there was a way we could browse thru all of the shoes available for the month and be able to make our own choices as opposed to stylists matching us with what they think we like. So far, I have never been sent anything that I like, so, I’ve never put in an order.

    • Hi Karla –

      You should be able to view more products than just the ones that are chosen for you each month. Check out the navigation area at the top and click on the “Shoes” tab. There is also a “Featured” and “Collections” tab that both currently have some nice looking shoes available.

  6. I read alot of reviews and decided that I had to join the club. I am now waiting on my first order to arrive.I ordered a great purse. I saw so many purses and shoes that I just love so I put them on my wish list so I wouldnt forget them. I cant wait for the new shoes for March and for Tuesdays new item. Just Fab is the best web site with affordable items and stylish. I would recommend this to eveyone !

  7. I was extremely excited this Christmas when my husband gave me a just fab gift card for 12 months of free shoes. I quickly ordered my first pair and eagerly awaited thir arrival. My enthusiasm quickly faded when a few days later I discovered just fab was having a by one get one free sale. At first I was excited and then frustrated that every time I went o checkout I was being charged for both pairs. I tried contacting customer service but obviously they rent available 24/7 bc there wa no one to answer my call. When I did finally talk to a resent active she was rude and quickly informed me that if I had read the fine print I would’ve realized the by one get one free promotion does not allow you to use a gift card. My question was why not? If I had a gift card to a store then they would not say I couldn’t use it to by merchandise on sale. This policy is ridiculous. I had my husband get a refund. I have since put the blance on a visa gift card and will use it to buy shoes wherever I want.

  8. In terms of aeshetics I loved the bag I ordered, it was the black bag called Pitti Palace. I am extremely disappointed however that after just 4 uses the golden clasp of the handle of the bag has broken. I have not been mishandling it or over stuffing the bag. It’s sad that just taking it out 4 times the clasp is essentially useless. VERY disappointed, I am leaving the country for a few months on the 29th otherwise I would likely return it.

  9. i joined justfab not 2 long ago cus i saw a good deal for 50% off an item. i was planning to join and then cancel my membership but when the boots i ordered got here i was so impressed that i decided to stay on as a member. since then ive ordered 3 more boots and 2 pairs of shoes and one handbag that i am in love with. i think the handbag is called law and it is one of the best things ive ever bought online. if you are a member you gotta get this bag! its the perfect size and has the perfect amount of pockets for everything plus it looks super cute too! besides the bag the shoes have all been really cute too and for the price they are really nice. giving this review a 5 stars for sure

  10. Justfab is alright.. nothing special. i think the shoes on shoedazzle are more cute to be honest. the boots i got from justfab ran too big and i do not like their monthly membership fee. i always gotta remember to skip it.

  11. I wish more companies (and men) would follow JustFab’s ethics. Their customer care reminds me of the type of service I got when I bought my Saturn. They make you feel like part of a family and they want you for a long term relationship.

    I’m not old enough to have experienced it first hand, but I love old movies, and Just Fab kind of reminds me of the way gas stations used to be. You drove in bought gas and it was pumped for you. Then the attendant would clean your windows, check the tire pressure and oil levels for you.

    Where other places are self service, Just Fab is the gold star treatment IMO.


  13. Seriously addicting. I own 4 pairs & 1 purse so far and LOVE them. I don’t have one negative thing to say about this site.

    Selection- I never really go for whats in my “Boutique” but that doesn’t bother me. I’m the type to look at every shoe they have to offer before im ready to buy. My problem is picking just one a month! :o)

    Price- You can’t beat $20 for your first pair! AND I’ve referred a handful of friends so I’ve only actually paid for 2 pairs so far.

    Shipping/returns – I live in Metro Detroit Michigan, Im not sure if Justfab has more than one warehouse but shipping seems to come from Ohio which means free and FAST shipping for me! Ive had to return one pair so far based on color and I was really impressed that they ship out the next pair so fast. (I’ve worked for an online retailer before and their return/exchange turn around was 1-2 weeks!)

    Customer service- SUPER nice and always available.

    Overall : A+ Cheap, fast, easy, and super cute/comfy styles.

  14. justfab.com is my fave place to get shoes online now! they have some of the hottest styles and are pretty cheap to boot!

  15. Just fab does it right. They take the best of all the other clubs and leave all the B.S. It’s like they’re in it for real and the other clubs / celebs are there to get it while they can and don’t really give a crap about the product they sell.

    They actually listen to the customer and cater to them. Geez, what a unique idea. Customer Service! Thank You Just Fab

  16. Just Fab is my go to shoe club. I’ve tried the others and they are good too, but I find myself always coming back to JF. I just purchased 4 pairs of pants from their denim line and I have to admit, I look hot in them. They have a great feel and are very slimming without being uncomfortable.
    Just Fab will always have me as a dedicated shopper. My heart belongs to Just Fab!

  17. Just Fabulous won me away fro Shoe Dazzle with their hook ups with Iron Fist and Abbey Dawn. The rock star look was right up my alley. Once I got my Iron Fists and Abbey dawns, I stuck around and found that Just Fab has their own rockin styles. I’m a big fan now.

  18. Just signed up for Just Fab thanks to this review and am excited so far! My first item arrived today… When I signed up I was offered 50% off right away so I found a handbag that I liked. It was a really nice looking tote bag from the picture and the reviews on the site seemed pretty positive. I could use a new bag so I figured I’d buy it. For $20 you can’t really go wrong…

    The bag is really nice in person too and was much better than I ever thought it would be for the price. Took exactly 6 days to get here and the packaging was very imprssive. Everything was wrapped up to perfection and there was even a storage bag included. For the price I have never seen a bag of such great quality and construction. The material has a nice feel, and the print looked really cool. I’d say its a medium to large bag but the weight is really good and the pockets are in the perfect places and are sized just how I like. Definitely give it 5 stars. I think the name of it is Law if you are looking… Cute ostrich print.

    Very pleased with my first order from Just Fab. Have some shoes in the mail as we speak, will post a review on it when it gets here! Hoping this latest Just Fab purchase was as good as the first, but we’ll see!

  19. Another FABSHIONISTA checking in! My closet has grown to epic proportions thx to JUST FAB! Don’t think my husband likes the new influx of shoes taking over our closet but thats fine by me!

    The start of the month is always exciting I always get excited near the end of the month waiting for my new picks to show up. Only one month were I never bought anything the rest I have found at least 1 pair I love. Everything is always shipped and packed so nicely too which is nice.

    My favorite shoes so far are Delia and Daphne . If you have a chance to get either of these, do it!! Daphne is really classy but still sexy. I can wear them with pretty much anything! Delia was a love at first site. Shes a three colored pump and the colors go so well together. So many people have complimented me on her and she’s a little bit uncomfortable for long periods but its worth it!

    Really really love JUST FAB!!!

  20. I Just wrote out a nice long Just fab review saying why I loved Just fabulous so much but it gave me an error when posting it saying I needed a valid email! When I hit my back button the post was gone :(

    So let me just say real quick that Just fab is the best!

  21. First order from Just fabulous got here last week….. I got them for 20% off so I bought two pairs. I wasn’t expecting much and thought the shoes would be pretty cheaply made for $39.95 but they are def comparable to some shoes that I’ve got from JC Penney or Macys for $80-$100.

    I don’t really like the idea that I will have to keep checking my account every month to make sure I opt out if I don’t want to buy anything but I will try it out for a couple more months and decide if I want to cancel or not. I guess thats how all these clubs work so you don’t have much of a choice.

  22. I have purchased 8 pairs from justfab. While I am 100% satisfied with their customer service, selection of shoes, and shipping time, I am not happy with their shoes constantly being out of stock and not taken off the site and their exchange/refund procedure. Unlike another club I’m part of where a return label comes with each order, with justfab you, must print out your return label. That is impossible for us that use our ipads, phones, or tabs to shop online. I’m now stuck with a pair of defective shoes I cant wear. My 8th pair was my last pair with them.

  23. having now ordered 7 total pairs of shoes from just fab i am for sure hooked! my only complaint and the reston i did not give them five stars is it seems to take a while to get shipped to me sometimes but the shoes really are fabulous! i will comment on larissa the last shoe i ordered. i absolutely loooooovvvve this shoe! looks really stunning with a pair of skinny jeans and is one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes i have. i can party all nite without any pain and they area real head turner

  24. Love this site! Im hooked on shoe clubs and signed up to all of the clubs here and Im also signed up to Shoe Privee which isn’t on this site. I have to say that I am a shoe club vet and I have lost count on how many shoes Ive actually ordered. My first review will be on JustFabulous which is my favorite of them all and gets 5 stars from me all around!

    Website and shopping: 5/5 stars
    Agree with the review here that JustFab has a great site and a lot of awesome features. For website and shopping they are #1 in my books compared to the rest of the clubs. Lots of info on all items makes it that much easier to pick what shoes you want to buy.

    The shoes 4.5/5 stars
    Shoe selection is the best out of everyone IMO. I have ordered way more shoes from JustFab than anywhere else. The quality of the shoes seems really good. A couple pairs Ive tried I am unable to wear for extended amounts of time but thats to be expected for most really large heels. Would like it a bit better if they had real leather/suede but I can see how that is not possible for $39.95 shoes.

    Customer service 5/5 stars
    Customer service with JustFab has been perfect for me and there is no complaints I can think of. I have had to return 2 pairs of shoes (one didnt fit right and one I just didnt like the looks of it in person). Both times the returns were quick and there were no problems waiting on hold for customer service.

    Extras 5/5 stars
    Agree with the original review… JustFab really is awesome when it comes to offering extras to their members. More so than any other shoe club IMO. I have ordered so many shoes and referred enough friends that I’ve already got a few free credits which is super cool. Also like their selection of handbags having ordered a coupl of those as well. Seem like great quality for the price. Ialso am active on their Facebook page and find it super useful to snap up hot styles before they are sold out.

    JustFab is #1 in my books! Keep up the great work Kimora and the rest of the JustFab gang!

    • Hi Nadia -

      Thanks for the detailed JustFab review! You mentioned that you also are a member at other shoe clubs… We’d love if you would share your thoughts on those as well with us!

  25. I saw some info about JustFab on Facebook and signed up not really expecting much out of it. It looked like the people on their Facebook page were pretty happy so I thought I would give it a whirl though because why not? For forty bucks for shoes you can’t really go wrong.

    First I’ll talk a bit about the selection… Here I have been a bit let down because I am not the type of girl who would even try wearing some of these 4 to 5 inch heels and most of the shoes on JustFab are pretty high. It’s great for those of you who wear these kind of heels, but I was hoping for some more flats to choose from.

    I have bought a few pairs of not so high heels that I liked and they are all decent for the price of forty bucks. Not sure I would have paid much more for them though. The one pair had little stones on them and a couple have fallen off which kind of sucks. A little crazy glue fixed it up for me. The other two pairs I bought (sorry but I have no idea what the names were) have held up really well and are pretty nice.

    I think the whole experience is what I like most of all. It is pretty fun to check in on my boutique each month to see what the style experts picked out fo rme. I even grabbed a nice handbag there last month that is super cute and perfect for going to work every day.

    My feelings are if you want to have a fun way to buy shoes, try it out! Even if you don’t like to wear super high heels you will probably find the odd thing you do like and if you are into big heels then you will probably love it even more!

  26. I like Justfab a lot even though I have not had the best of luck with picking out sizes. The first pair of shoes I ordered were too big so I had to return them for a full size smaller (they did not have a half size). the return went ok and my new size got here pretty quick but they were too small!! So I was kind of out of luck and had to return those for a credit.

    Then the next pair I ordered got here and were too big!! I was kind of disappointed… I just wnated something that fit. Thankfully when I returned these for a smaller size (thank god for free returns!) they fit and were actually pretty comfortable. I have had lots of ppl ask me where I bought them but I always lie and tell them somewhere else. Don’t want them to know my secret!

    All in all I do love Justfab but I wish their shoes actually were the sizes they say they are.

    • Hi mare989 –

      You should have a look at their member sizing survey before you make an order. It will give you a good idea of if a pair of shoes is true to size or if it runs a little too small or too big. Also read the reviews members post too if you have the time. You can find out a lot about a pair of shoes before you actually buy them.

  27. My sister got me a gift card for Christmas (I hadn’t even heard of Just Fab before) and now I think I am hooked! I don’t have much to compare them to but I might have to sign up for some of these other shoe clubs and give them a try to see what they’re like.

    I actually ordered two pairs of shoes… One was Contessa (I am a sucker for leopard print!) and they were 20% off because it was my first purchase. They fit great, not too small not too big, just right. Getting a lot of compliments on them and everyone wants to know where I got them from. The leopard print is not super flashy or anything and looks really cool. They also have a nice metallic sheen on them which makes the print look even cooler.

    The second pair I bought was Morgandy an open toe platform in black. The style is a bit more edgy than I am used to. Really unique looking shoe and it had gotten good reviews on the site. Ordered my exact size and they fit real well and are pretty comfortable. Definitely would recommend this shoe if you are looking for something a bit different to add to your collection.

    So far I have had some great luck with Just Fab and am very pleased with my two purchases! Hope to be a long time customer.

  28. New to justfab but i really like it so far! I am no shoe expert by any means but i think theyre shoes are great. Most of my first stylist picks were pretty cool but there was only the one pair that i ended up buying… Ivanka in blue. They fit a bit snug at first but after wearing them the first night out it seemed to break them in and they are much more comfy now. Not really used to shoes this high but they werent as bad as i thought and i think i will get used to them pretty quick.

    I also just bought a pair of really nice ankle booties that i saw on the justfab facebook page that werent picked out for me. Ordered them today so they havent got here yet but will post an update once thye arrive! Cant wait to try them on and for my next set of picks to get here for Feb!

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