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JustFab vs. ShoeDazzle Comparison

JustFab vs ShoeDazzle

Let the shoe club war begin!

It seems apparent that the two big players in the shoe club war are JustFab and ShoeDazzle. The question we get asked most often is: Should I sign up for ShoeDazzle or JustFab?

Our answer is usually simple – why not sign up for both! But if you have to choose only one, we’ll compare both for you to see who comes out on top.

Lots has changed with both companies since we originally made this post, so we thought a refresher was in order! Both JustFab and ShoeDazzle are the top two shoe clubs, as evident by our reviews and the customer comments we get. But there are still some major differences between the two and some things that we feel make one stand out more than the other as the better option. So let’s get down to it!


JustFab vs. ShoeDazzle: The Basics

Since we originally wrote this post, ShoeDazzle has changed their business model and their membership system works much differently from JustFab. Before, ShoeDazzle members were required to log in at the start of each new month and “skip the month” if they did not want to buy anything. If they did not log in and do this, their credit cards would be charged and a credit would be added to their account. ShoeDazzle has removed this requirement from their membership terms, so you no longer need to worry about logging in at the start of each month!

JustFab VIP members are still required to log in and skip, however to compete with ShoeDazzle they now also offer a Pay as you Go membership option. You don’t have to log in each month to skip, but the downside is that Pay as you Go members do not get their items for $39.95 and have to pay higher prices.

This is the main difference between the two, but there are other areas we want to go over including everything from their website & ordering process, shoe quality, customer service and extras.

Website & Ordering

During our initial comparison, we found the JustFab website to be much easier to use and it offered more features than ShoeDazzle’s site to help you navigate their products and choose what shoes you want to buy. Since our initial comparison, ShoeDazzle has improved their website a lot and it offers comparable features to JustFab. Since the two sites are so similar, we’d have to call this one a draw.

Winner: Tie

The Shoes

Our stylist picks from both companies have continued to be good. Over the last several month both companies have done a better job of offering us more than just sky high heels. They both now offer a fine selection of mid-heels, boots and flats. Shoe quality seems to be on par between the two companies as well.

As far as the designs go, we’re of the opinion that JustFab has maybe taken a step ahead of ShoeDazzle in the design department. We’ve noticed a lot of bland, simple styles as of late from ShoeDazzle where as JustFab has been putting out a great mix of everything from stylish and fun styles to more subdued and simple styles.

There is now another fundamental difference between the two, and that difference is price. ShoeDazzle no longer offers all of their items for only $39.95 which is a huge disappointment. This is one of the main draws most people had to their site. Some styles can still be had at this price point, but their range of prices goes anywhere from $39.95 all the way up to $200!

JustFab still offers everything on their site for $39.95, so the win here based on their design and lower prices goes easily goes to JustFab.

Winner: JustFab

Customer Service

At the time of our initial comparison, we found that both companies had very good customer service and this has not changed. In both cases, the customer service representatives that we’ve spoken to on the phone have all been friendly and answered any questions or dealt with any issues we’ve had without any problems. Hold times for both companies have been minimal, however we’ve found JustFab does have slightly higher hold times during the first 5 days of each month.

What we like more about JustFab are they offer customer service via their toll free number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ShoeDazzle is only available Monday through Friday from 7AM to 5PM. JustFab also offers a live chat option, while ShoeDazzle does not. Because of the 24/7 and live chat option, we give the nod to JustFab.

Winner: JustFab

JustFab vs. ShoeDazzle: Extras

When it comes to extras, both have a lot to offer. Let’s compare a few areas…

Specialty Items:Both offer more than just women’s shoes. Each month you will also receive a selection of handbags and jewelry picked out for you by your stylist. We’ve seen specialty items such as watches and makeup appear from time to time as well for both companies. JustFab has a denim collection currently available which is something we haven’t seen from ShoeDazzle yet. But, ShoeDazzle does have a pretty nice apparel line of coats, clothing and dresses.

Deals: Both companies frequently offer savings on select styles and buy one get one free events.

Rewards: Both offer points for buying items which can be redeemed to receive a free credit for a new item. On ShoeDazzle you need to purchase 10 items before you get a free credit. On JustFab you only need to purchase approximately 9 items.

Both also have tell a friend programs where you can receive points towards free credits for successfully referring a friend and getting them to sign up. On JustFab you only need to refer 2 friends you get a free credit and on ShoeDazzle you need to refer 5 friends before you’ll get enough points for a free credit.

Another major difference is that ShoeDazzle’s points expire after 1 year and JustFab’s expire after 2 years.

Social Media: Both companies have a very large and active following on Facebook. At the time this article was written, JustFab has just over 1.1 million fans and ShoeDazzle has just over 2 million fans. You might think this would give ShoeDazzle the edge, however JustFab actually has a more active following. ShoeDazzle also has a much more active following than JustFab.

International Options: Both companies offer their products to Canada, but JustFab actually ships from Canada meaning no duty or customs fees. They also offer free returns and exchanges for Canadians, while ShoeDazzle does not. JustFab is also operational in the UK and Germany, where ShoeDazzle is strictly the USA and Canada.

Because of their better rewards program and international options, we give the slight edge here to JustFab.

Winner: JustFab

JustFab vs. ShoeDazzle: Conclusion

It seems as the months go on, both companies are trying to out do one another. There are both still very similar, but at the same time there are some key differences between them. When it comes to the shoes themselves, both seem to produce similar quality shoes but we’ve found that we’re starting to like JustFab’s designs a little bit more. ShoeDazzle no longer offers everything for $39.95 anymore, which is another huge bummer.

We really love how ShoeDazzle no longer requires members to log in each month, but we don’t feel this was enough to give them our nod as the better shoe club. We haven’t found it to be too difficult on JustFab to remember to check our boutique at the start of each month and we feel the higher prices on ShoeDazzle are more of a downer than having to log in at the start of every month.

Winner: JustFab


  1. I’m only with JustFab and I love their shoe designs if they ever had them in stock (in my size) It’s so depressing seeing all these shoes I can’t add to my closet!

  2. SHOEDAZZLE… is a totally rip off. The company is pretty tricky. My friends and I ordered shoes from there and they started to charge us monthly fees of $39.95. We cancelled our accounts but they refused to refund the money. Apparently, when you order they’ll check option for you that signs you up for a monthly fee of $39.95 and that fee just becomes store credit for you to order shoes. I’m surprised that they would do this to make customers order more shoes from them. I guess they needed to resort to this tactic since they overpriced all their shoes by a lot for the quality it’s worth. I’ve never tried justfab but I highly recommend not to order from shoedazzle.

  3. Just Fab is cheaper and the quality is right there with Shoe Dazzle. I mean really, Shoe Dazzle chargers around $15 for a jewelry piece! Thats ridiculous.
    Just Fab has way better prices and in this economy it is going to do better than Shoe Dazzle, period. Plus you get a pair of shoes for only $20 bucks free shipping when you join Just Fab!!

  4. I heard you can use your points for shoes at Just Fab?? I have 460 points and all I can purchase are scarfs its called swag….I dont wear any of so what do I do with my points earnef…I also think Jusy Fab has more availability then Shoedazzle they never get more…Im on the waiting list for both places now….we will see..

  5. I’m not sure why I’m the only person to say this but the shoes on Just Fab are TACKY. I forgot to skip a month (I had bought a purse fromJust Fab, it’s decent) and when I went to look at the selection to choose what I would buy with my credit there was literally nothing. Nada. I hated everything. Later, I looked at te selection from Shoe Dazzle and was shocked at how many things I would have rather had the option to purchase. As soon as I figure out something to use my credit on at Just Fab ill e canceling my account. Tacky. The faux snakeskin+faux black and hot pink leather sandals are horrid. Please. Shoe Dazzle may be more expensive but the selection is of more fashion forward, in styles and less Beyonce in the 90′s, if you catch my drift. I give Just Fab two thumbs down.

    • It’s crazy how no one mentioned SD’s style themed boutiques!
      I usually dont like the selections from either company, but SD rocks because there’s like 8 boutiques to browse! Not to mention the let you apply MORE than one discount! I got a pair of SD’s for %25 off an Extra %20 or something like that for St. Patty’s, plus a $10 discount for joining VIP and fre shipping, bringing the total down to like $4 because the sales, $5.04 w/ tax! And their shipping is super fast, like Amazon, but maybe because there’s a warehouse local to me :) yay me:) I can order today, it here tmrw, swear! And if you must return, they ship out the new ones before you even send the old ones! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I’m also a member of JF, but those shoes look cheapey sometimes, too Charlotte Russe-ish for me! lol They look like $40 shoes. I can appreciate SD’s pricepoints because not eveyone wants super cheap shoes with glue and small to boxes!

    • Actually, I “joined” both with high hopes but have not purchased anything from either site- all the shoes are very tacky looking on both sites- they tend to look cheap, come in ridiculously over the top styles that are unwearable to most places, and I’ve never read any reviews to suggest that they’re comfortable, either.

      If you want to look like you just crawled off a reality TV series set in new jersey, this is where you go to buy shoes.

      Not to mention, the style profiles and even the custom information doesn’t really give others much to go on. It’s pretty much targeted towards women who are fans of one type of extremely trendy clothing, not towards a variety.

  6. I have been a member of every club ( not just the shoe clubs …EVERY lol) and the quality of the shoes (comfort , etc…) is what I have a problem with . If you are embarrassed by that loud clacking noise that heels make when you walk across the mall ( I am) then cheap shoes will make you cry ! Both JF and SD have some very noisy clackers and another negative is that the sizing states at 5.5 ( I am a 5) . The best shoe club of quality , price that I have found is SOLESOCIETY !!! They carry both vegan and leather and the shoes are quality , comfort, quiet lol,and they carry a size 5 yay me !!!! They are a bit higher priced ( starting at 50 I believe ) but worth the difference :)

  7. My opinion is JustFab is WAY better!!! I was a ShoeDazzle member months before JustFab, and JF has WAY better style selection, better quality shoes, SUPER grwat friendly customer service and each shoe us still just 39.95!!!! SD sky rocketed their prices and its over priced!!

  8. I have had JustFab for over a year now. The only part of the company that irritates me a little is if they have their bogo sale, you can’t use your credit! I just don’t understand why I can’t get the buy one get one free with money I already paid! It doesn’t make any sense. Other than this, they definately trump shoedazzle.

  9. When I signed up with JF, I also tried signing up with SD. With SD I could not get through.I made a second attemp a couple of days latter. I got a recording saying that they are closed and they stated their hours which is pasiffic time I beleive. I live in Michigan and here in MI is eastern time. JF is open 24hours. Which is FABULUOS. :) So if I want to place an order 2or3a.m. I can do that. Being that I do sometimes work the grave-yard shift. I don’t have the time to try to keep up with SD hours. It’s an inconvience for me. At JF their customer service people are very nice. So with them is good enough. I don’t need to shop on 2 website. I probably go broke.(lol) Anyway, with that being said. I choose JB over SD. Thanks for your time. BYE :)

    • I should have proofread before submitting. I misspelled the word FABULOUS. So embarrassed. :(

  10. I don’t understand how you guys are able to communicate with SD customer service because I have been trying for two days now but so far no answer yet. So frustrated coz I need to receive my order by Wednesday.

  11. I too have just tried out both JustFab (JF)& ShoeDazzle (SD). In addition to what has been already said, which I agree with, here are my observations & Experiences so far.

    1. I agree with Mena that the SD drawer style boxes and packaging are much better than JF. It’s that extra little something.
    2. SD has much faster delivery. I ordered two pairs from each site on the same day, within minutes of each other. I ordered on Sunday night, JF first & SD second. SD arrived by Thursday (4days) while JF arrived a week+ later(10 days).
    3. In addition to what the others have said about JF having a better site, the JF website also features search filters to sort by color or style etc. SD doesn’t. This added touch enhanced my shopping experience with JF.
    4. I just ordered shoes on SD that are also on JF :-| So exclusive…not so much.
    5. Since I am still new to both sites, my first impression is the JF shoes may fit me better than SD. I can’t say for sure yet but SD shoes seem to fit the front of my foot while being to long for my foot thus my heel flopping out….I guess I have a wide foot which both sites do not offer options for. :-|

    So whats the verdict? Well, the jury is still out on that one. Like others, I will probably go between both.

  12. Thanks for the detailed comparison!

    Since we wrote this initial post there have been quite a few changes to both companies (good and bad!) Look for an update in this space soon!

  13. Hmmm. Maybe I just have too many shoes and big feet, but a have a few points…

    I have been a member of both since Jan. ’12. As of today, I have ordered 17 pair from JF and 12 pair from SD. That is not indicative that I prefer JF, but moreso because JF had the a better selection of styles when both have had 2 for 1 sales. SD, however, carries the elusive 9 1/2 and 10 1/2 sizes where fit is most important to me, especially in a high heel (I typically wear a 9 1/2). I had to have 6 JF pair stretched a bit and the others, thankfully, ran a 1/2 size too big. Of course because all materials cannot be stretched, I have to really examine those pics and video!

    SD gives a shoe bag with every pair; JF sent four total. I use those bags every time I wear heels, which is 25/30 days. If I am going to spend $200 a month on shoes I might as well protect my investment in and out of the box.

    For shoe storage: SD has a ‘drawer’ type box so I can take out the ‘drawer’, remove the shoes and put the ‘drawer back in without handling all of the boxes on top, WHICH I LOVE because I’m stacked four deep. Also, SD has a little outline picture on every box so I don’t have to open the box to know or remember what it looks like.

    JF is searchable by the name which gives me more control over my shopping experience, so if it’s not in my ‘selections’ I can still find it; Not so with SD.

    Just a few ‘little things’ I think other players in the heel game may want to know.

    BTW – SD no longer has the monthly dues, but that was never a factor for me because I never forgot to skip. Both sent e-mails reminding me of the deadline.

  14. I am a member at both and have been for a long time. Got some nice shoes from both places but lately Justfab has seen more of my business than Shoedazzle. Nothing in my boutique has caught my eye over the last 4 months from SD where I have found at least one pair I liked every mobnth from JF.

    Just this month I even ordered 6 new pairs from JF because of their 2 for 1 birthday sale. It is still on til the end of the month btw if you have not checked it out. No returns are allowed but they have a lot of good styles available still.

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