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Ideas for What to Do with Old Shoes

As a fan of shoe clubs, I think I can speak for most of us when I say that our shoe closets are pretty large. Sometimes you might get tired of shoes but instead of giving away the old shoes lying around in your house, you can create something useful out of it. There are numerous ideas for what to do with old shoes. Be it a showpiece, planter, donating them or modifying their look to create a new pair.

Many people and companies are striving hard to make the environment better by recycling or reusing their products. Taking the hint from them, why not alter and reuse your old shoes. You can use them as a cute decorating item – the popular being getting them bronzed. It can be kept as a showpiece or a stand to hold things together.

Your old shoes can also become plant holders. Pierce a few holes on the bottom and put the plant in it. Similarly you can use the old pair of shoes in the form of a container for other purposes as well, like in the garden or garage for holding all the greasy stuff.

Additionally, poor people are out there in the world waiting for one kind deed from you. Thus you can take all your old shoes and distribute among those in need. You can also add another item for giving to make it look more feasible. In this way you can also help someone who cannot even afford a single pair.

If you cannot find people around your area, you can simply donate it to some place. But remember that the shoes must not be in extreme bad conditions. It must be decent enough for a person to cover his/her feet.

Buying new shoes every time can be extremely heavy on your expenses. You can work on what you have so that you may not require purchasing a new lot. In fact, with the new ideas that you would modify your shoes, you can work exactly according to your design, style and color. The first and foremost thing is to wash your shoes and make it clean. Then start with the mending process. Do not worry if the shoe has gone from white to grey in color. You can take the household bleach and rub it on your shoes. But remember that only the white part comes in contact with bleach, otherwise the other color of the shoe might get damaged with bleach. Thereafter keep them for drying.

The next step is the shoe lace. If the old one is torn and bad, get a new pair of shoe lace. A bright color may work wonders, especially if it is summer or spring time. In this way you can flaunt those shoes on short pants and look as bright as the summer sun. Also check the sole of your shoes. If it has become too hard, get gel or silicone pads to stuff in the shoe. You can also apply glue beneath the sole to stick them to the shoe and fix it. Moreover, even if one of the pairs has torn out, you can fix and make them wearable by putting a cloth material over it to cover the torn part.

Nowadays the internet also has an option to sell your old shoes. If you are lucky enough to sell it, you may simply earn from it. Of course the shoes must be worth a wear. These are the many ideas for what to do with old shoes. Make the most out of it.

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