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Exciting Changes from JustFab!

Last week we updated our JustFab.com review to reflect some new changes that have come down the pipeline from Kimora Lee Simmon’s company over the last few weeks. Here is a quick rundown of the changes for those of you who don’t want to read the full review:

Pay As You Go Option: They’ve added a new option during sign up called Pay As You Go. Now, when signing up you can choose to become the standard VIP member, or to go with their Pay As You Go option. The VIP Membership is the same and will require you to login at the start of each month to either purchase something or choose to skip the month.

However, the Pay As You Go option does not require you to login at the start of each month. So if you forget to skip the month, your credit card won’t be charged. However, pricing on items is different for Pay As You Go members. Instead of everything being $39.95, prices start at $49.95. So because of this, we still recommend that you sign up as a VIP and just remember to login at the start of each month. You should be excited to see your new picks anyways, so remembering to login and check probably isn’t a big deal for most!

Flats and Clutches for $25: They are now offering flats or clutches for $25 with the purchase of a regular JustFab item. Pretty good deal and it appears that this is an ongoing promo and doesn’t have any end date.

Denim: Their denim line has been revamped and now includes a number of color options. We’ve ordered a few pairs and the denim is really nice and is very comparable to higher end designer denim. For the price of 3 pairs for $99, it’s a steal. Would definitely recommend you try it out if you haven’t already.

The JustFab Community: They’ve also launched a beta version of a new community area that looks kind of cool. Any member can login and post a photo of themselves and ask for fashion advice from other members and the JustFab style expert team. Pretty cool idea and worth a look.

International Shipping: They now ship to Canada and Germany. Still no shipping options for UK residents, but it looks like they are expanding so maybe you folks over in the UK will get your JustFab fix before too long!


  1. I agree with the earlier comment – that smaller sizes should be available. At least start at a 5. If you were to offer smaller sizes maybe even beginning at a size 4 I bet you would have quite a following! Start a trend – fulfill the needs of an audience that loves shoes but struggles to find anything sexy and trendy!!

  2. Why don’t they carry size 5 shoes? The best clubs start at 5.5. This needs to be fixed!

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